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GreenWin! Network explained

Sep 6th 2010 at 10:44 PM

Dear fellow Marketer

GreenWin Network wide banner

During the last weeks while I was promoting GreenWin! Network as - what I truly and deeply believe! - THEEE Business Opportunity of the year, if not of the century, I got asked many times many details about it, what it is, how it works, what features is has, how to do this... and how to do that, da-da-di, da-da-da... So, for not to having to go through this over and over again I've put together some of the key features and the most asked questions and ansered them in the FAQ section further below. When you register your mobile/cell number you will receive a message to your phone.
The message has a link that gives you access to the GreenWin! Network Mobile browser.
The browser has icons that you click on to use those features.
Things you can do with the GWN Mobile browser:

  • Make free calls to any of your GreenWin! Network contacts
  • Make discounted calls to other numbers not yet registered with GreenWin! Network
  • Send instant invite messages
  • Send SMS
  • Instant messaging and chat
  • Video chat
  • Upload live video streams to any web site.
  • Access your GreenWin! Network member back office
  • Make secure payments
  • Get amazing deals and special offers at home and abroad


GreenWin Network simple calls


Using GreenWin! Network FreeCall ....

  • When your contacts sign for the GreenWin! Network Telecoms Service you can call them at zero cost
  • Simply check to see if the GreenWin! Network symbol is showing beside their name on your phone display
  • When you see the symbol you can make your call knowing
    that it will be free even if that person is on the other side of the world
  • Your call is routed over the GreenWin! Network servers and the call quality is as good as normal mobile calls
  • You can make unlimited free calls to anyone in the Green Win Network

It really is that simple!

"With the GWN patent pending system you can save money by slashing your mobile costs AND you can make money by referring new members"


GreenWin Network simple calls 2


Using GreenWin! Network SureCall...

  • You can save even more money when calling numbers
    not yet registered with GreenWin! Network
  • SureCalls typically cost less than half of and can be up to
    98% cheaper than normal mobile call rates!
  • Simply click on the SureCall icon in the GreenWin! Network Mobile browser and dial the number
  • You can purchase instant top up credits in your GreenWin! Network back office

SignUp @ http://bit.ly/GreenSign GreenWin Network time for FREE calls


FAQ section

So... how much is this going to cost me?
Try it free for 7 days and if you want to continue you can opt to pay a monthly subscription or make even more savings and pay the annual fee
Monthly access fee is EUR 12
Annual access fee is EUR 73 (ONLY until Sept30!!! starting Oct. 1 the price will go up to it’s normal level at EUR 97/yr.)
The annual fee gives you 12 months access
The monthly fee works out at approx. 40 cents a day for unlimited free calls
The annual fee works out at 20 cents a day for unlimited free calls

Is there a contract or any small print?
No contract and no small print.

What should I do with the contract with my mobile phone service provider?
You will keep your contract active for now. But you can change it to the minimum service contract that still includes internet access and data transfer

Do I need a special phone?
You need a phone that allows internet access and supports a browser display. All modern cell phones and of course 'smart' phones have this.

How do I sign up for the service?
Join GreenWin! Network for free and login.
Go to the Telecoms section and select Free Trial.
When you want to continue using the service, login and create your account.

How do I pay for the service?
You can pay using credit card or funds already deposited to AlertPay and Neteller.

Do I get a refund if I want to cancel the service after paying the subscription?
Yes. The 12 month access comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee with no nonsense refund.

How do I make free calls to my contacts?
This is incredibly easy. You simply add your contacts to your GWN directory. When any of your contacts in the directory are available you will see the symbol beside their name in your directory display. Then you call them!

What happens when I want to call someone in my network but there is no symbol showing that they are available to call for free?
If a FreeCall is not possible you can still call them using the SureCall service at discounted local rates.

What happens when I want to call a number that is not in my GreenWin! Network?
Use SureCall and save money compared to what you would usually pay. The saving is different for each location that you are calling.

What happens when I take my phone to another country and want to make calls?
There are currently only 3 options:

  1. Check with your service contract to see if you have data transfer / internet access included when you travel.
  2. Connect to a WiFi or HotSpot.
  3. Purchase a SIM card locally that includes internet access

Will GreenWin! Network be extending its service to include free calls when travelling in other countries?
Yes we will. GWN will be introducing its own global SIM card with our pre-installed service. Simply insert the card and you are ready to use our service around the world with no extra charges...ever!
This service is in development and will be announced as soon as it is ready.

Can I really call any mobile /cell number using the GreenWin! Network service... even all my contacts at home?
Sure you can. In fact the more contacts you invite the better. Check out our Member Reward Program for info on how you earn instant commission as soon as anyone in your referral network subscribes.

What about landlines; can I use my home or office phone with GreenWin! Network?
Yes you can. You will have the option to register land line numbers to make free or massively discounted local, long distance and international calls

Why do I need Internet access and data transfer to make free calls?
The FreeCall routes your call via the Internet. Our server network then connects your call.

What if I don't have a phone that supports Internet access and data transfer?
Talk to your service provider or local mobile phone shop to see how cheap it is to get a phone with Internet access.

What if I don't want to use the GreenWin! Network services? Can I still be part of the reward program?
Yes you can. There are no obligations, purchases or requirements before you can earn instant cash commission from the GWN member reward program. Click on the Affiliates tab for more info.

This sounds too good to be true. There has to be a catch somewhere?
What can we say to that? Just try it at zero risk and then you can decide if it is "too good to be true"! SignUp:

http://bit.ly/GreenSign GreenWin Network banner

Videos in English



Video in Deutsch/German


Let The Success Always Be With You!

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