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I am interested in multiple things, from trivial knowledge, to complex design thoughts.

Quantum mechanics are redefining truth and fact.

Money is an interesting concept, but flawed as all ten kinds of sauces.

Perhaps one day when the world unites under a common cause, the wealth of the world will be one, and we'll have a common currency.
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Good morning. To those who -ARE- following... I expect to pump out some major work on my website in the next couple of days. It won't be for everyone, but hopefully it will benefit some.

Google Chromium... and why I think it is amazing.

Oct 13th 2010 at 7:14 AM

Hey there, I'd like to take a moment to talk about Google and how they're revolutionizing the internet experience as we know it with their open-source project: Chromium (Known as Google Chrome to end-users who aren't testing any developer/beta builds).

I currently have a severe disdain for Windows and the way it treats it users, so I use Linux myself, and recently have taken it upon myself to test beta/alpha/nightly(or daily depending on the devs preferences to call it such) certain programs that I find I would probably use on a daily basis.

This month I have chosen to help test the more upstream Chromium version 7.0/8.0

Now before you flip and go "Version 7/8? already? I'm still using Chrome 4/5/6 etc."

They have re-devised their version numbering system.

Let me share a couple of features that I like about the new versions of Chrome coming out.

First off: There's the plugin/web app support they are working very hard on, with there soon to be a marketplace for web apps. I can't currently recall which version of the readily available Chrome has started support for Plugins, but I think Webapps is due in 7.

In conjunction, oop (out of order processing) support for plugins is now under development. Yay.

Second: they are working really hard to make sure your Chrome experience is better than that of any other web browser currently out there. There is a built in task manager in chromium that treats each tab/webapp and maybe even plugins... --not sure about the last--as their own separate process. What this means for you, especially if you've ever got frustrated because firefox or IE has crashed... is that you can separately end processes.

It also shows you how much ram each tab is using. It's really a nifty feature.

I also like, that while chrome has a minimalist interface and themeable support, it also has a window decoration option (Window Decoration is the service that provides the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons, as well as the titlebar) which allows you to use your operating system's window system. (Windows/Mac OS X/ Linux)

It makes it less minimal, but can also make it less ugly.


Check out the dev channel at the chromium project webpage


P.S. For those of you following HTML5, the new Chromium builds have -GREAT- support for it. Try it out on

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Oct 14th 2010 at 7:03 PM by 4SFI
I like this.

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