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I am interested in multiple things, from trivial knowledge, to complex design thoughts.

Quantum mechanics are redefining truth and fact.

Money is an interesting concept, but flawed as all ten kinds of sauces.

Perhaps one day when the world unites under a common cause, the wealth of the world will be one, and we'll have a common currency.
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Good morning. To those who -ARE- following... I expect to pump out some major work on my website in the next couple of days. It won't be for everyone, but hopefully it will benefit some.

Free iPad?! Maybe... but is it entirely free?

Nov 7th 2010 at 4:32 PM

No... It's not, but then nothing is.

So, what's all this bantering about free iPads you ask? Well if anyone here has heard of Transcendent Innovations, or as they're better known: TRAINN, then you'll know what I'm on about.

Give me a moment to explain this for those who don't. TRAINN has been around for five plus years... doing what? You guessed it, giving away stuff. But what's the catch you ask? They only ask that you either complete enough partner trials/offers/surveys/etc to equate to at least part of the product cost, or you can do a referral account that allows you to do one offer, and then refer X (Where X is relative to the cost of the prize you have selected) amount of people to either be a points or referral account.

I am currently engaged in TRAINN's YouriPad4free promotion, and yes before you go "OMG it's a scam" I assure you it's not as I have known other family members and friends who have received stuff from TRAINN over the years. Most give up and never reach their goal, but one must practice word of mouth and social engineering to successfully reach their goal... something my family is good at: talking. So you're saying... "Well Jase what do you want from me?"

Two things really.

Just a moment of your time to fully understand this is all. You'll end up spending anywhere between one and thirty dollars in your own funds on this iPad if you go the referral account path, as like I said, word of mouth is what kicks this service forward and continuing to offer such great things. Then you'll only need between 10 and 15 people do to the same depending on the ipad package (or they offer cash) that you choose. Let me rephrase this... Even if you grabbed twelve of your friends and a couple of prepaid credit cards, and just held them down and forced them to sign up ( ;) ) and paid for their offer, which is probably a bad idea, You would only end up still spending about 75$-140$ which is a great discount, if you're not aware of how much an iPad costs.

Second of all, I have already accomplished 4 referrals, and personally only need 8 more. If any of you sign up with my link, I will not only put a picture of me with it as my profile pic, I will profusely thank you over and over again, and find someway to repay you for gratuitous gesture.

Like i've said in my previous articles, I will never rudely obscure my referral link with hyperlinked text.

There it is... plain and simple. If you do happen to sign up, and complete an offer for me, let me know who you are so I can thank you myself.

For those who are interested in why I'm participating in such an offer?!

My iPod touch is on its last legs, and I recently received a really cool piece of technology for use with iOS ( the operating system that runs on the iDevices) called a Square Reader.

What it is: A credit card reader to be used with Apple iOS or Google Android 2.1 and up.

Sadly my phone is only Android 1.6, and I don't want to go with AT&T and their terrible service(at least it is here) just for an iPhone.

So the bottom line is, I need/want this for my computer repair, so I can not only take checks and cash... but credit card payments. So now hopefully you understand my position and why I'm fervently advertising this.

Here it is for the second and last time guys.

Thanks for reading my article.

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