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Flickering Of Energy Saving Bulbs When Switched Off

Oct 20th 2015 at 2:00 AM

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The topic that I am going to discuss is a common one. You surely have energy saving bulbs at home because they are amazing when it comes to reducing cost. You might have noticed that when you turned the energy saving bulbs off, they flicker slowly and continuously for some time. Have you ever thought why it is? You are going to know that shortly.

Flickering of Energy Saving Bulbs:

You might have noticed that a light is flickering in the energy saving bulbs not enough to read a paper but enough to get noticed by anyone. It flickers slowly from brightening and then dimming again.

The main cause of the flickering of energy saving bulbs during their turned off state is that they are on a two-way circuit which is also sometimes known as the dimmer circuit. Because of these circuits, the energy saving bulbs get a tiny trickle of light even when they are switched off. The light is so little that cannot fully make the bulb to light but enough to give it a little glow.

There are built-in capacitors in energy saving light bulbs which stores electricity up to a threshold limit. Whenever that threshold is reached the lightbulb pulsates to start the bulb. The low power charges the capacitor of the energy saving bulb which glow the bulb a little but the power is not enough to keep the bulb glowing so it dims and the pattern starts again.

Solution to the Flickering Energy Saving Bulbs:

Flickering is a common issue with energy saving bulbs which do not indicate any major problem but if you still want to get rid of this issue you can try that by changing the brand of the bulb. The energy saving bulbs of some brands are more prone to flickering so changing the brand may solve the issue.

Moreover, you can also check the dimmer circuit and make sure that only those bulbs are supported by the dimmer circuit that are commercially approved for the dimmers and not the other way round. If the problem still persists, you can call the electricity experts.

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