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Fishing Kayak Guide - Things to Look in Before Getting One

Jul 22nd 2015 at 5:23 AM


Fishing Kayaks have a come a long way since when they weren’t as much in demand as they are right now. With the variety of choices available, it is easy for a novice to get completely confused.

1. The first step to choosing the right fishing kayak is to remember three things: Durability, comfort and ease of maneuvering. Once the basic has been achieved, one can digress to look for other factors which add to your kayaking experience.

2. Sit on it and check if it is comfortable enough and allows you to sit upright while moving. Take as many paddle-tests as you can in different models, at different times.

3. Know your geography. Would you paddle on lakes or small ponds, reservoirs or salt water bodies? Keep in mind that your kayak must be able to keep you upright on saltwater locales and allow you to battle the surf and rough waters.

4. Some kayaks come with rudders and split platforms on the rear which provide an excellent and stable feel for those who wish to go fishing for bonefish. 
Shorter kayaks tend to be slower than the long ones.        
Wider kayaks are more stable.    
Kayaks with an upswept bow tend to do well in rough waters.

5. Do you like a wet ride?   
A sit-on-top variety allows flexibility to add accessories but makes it a ride that more prone to getting you wet.              
The cockpit style kayaks are the sit-within kind, which are the best for cold water kayaking and are definitely drier.

6. If you want to throw your kayak on the top of your car for the impromptu road trip and explore new waters, go in for lighter models which are made out of plastic. Storage is something you should think of prior to investing money in a kayak. Most require being stored away from direct sunlight, thus adding to the expenditure as a whole.

7. The cost factor: you would not like to be miserly and end up with a kayak that serves only for a year or two (or worse, even less). At the same time, you wouldn’t be too keen to spend all your savings on something you would probably use only three or four times a month. The trick is to balance out and lie strictly within your budget. Research all the available models and stores which keep kayaks, compare the prices and weigh them out against your requirements. Sleep on it. Make a decision with a cool head so that you don’t regret under or over investing.

8. Fishfinder Accessories: A good kayak costs around USD 1000, without many accessories, which can be added on, later, according to your needs. Everything can be customized; the seat, rudders, tackle-bags. Invest in a good back seat, the lightest paddle you can afford (along with a paddle-leash) and most importantly, a Personal Floatation Device.

9. The colour is purely aesthetic. Fish can only see shadows, thus rendering a colorful kayak as something that you purchase to please yourself.


10. Final tip: No one needs a transformer like beauty. Ensure that you have a supplier that delivers home in case you cannot carry it back. Keep your priorities clear such that you can enjoy your purchase to the fullest, without regrets!

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