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Enhance the durability of metalsthrough plasma electrolytic oxidation

Oct 25th 2014 at 12:01 PM

Just like there are techniques to soften metal parts, there are also processes that help thicken the surface of certain metals. Processes such as anodizing are used to increase the thickness of natural oxide layers on metal parts to increase the resistance of metal from possible corrosion as well as wear and tear. These processes also offer better adhesive capacities for primers or paints and in comparison to working with bare metal, anodizing makes glue work better.

The processes behind anodizing differ in the material used to finalize the output or the material. During the anodizing process, a plethora of materials are used during the process like chromic acid, sulfuric acid, organic acid, phosphoric acid, Borate and tartrate baths.

Plasma electrolytic oxidation differs from anodizing in that it employs higher potentials and that the thickness of depends upon the voltage applied to material. It is mainly used in the creation of electrolytic capacitors and the process itself may lead to a more crystalline output. Plasma electrolytic oxidation may occur in different metal forms such as titanium, zinc, magnesium, zinc and aluminum.

While oxidation and anodizing are helping to create more durable and stronger metals, diamonds still take the prize as the hardest natural substance on earth and can only be cut with the support of diamond powder. The process in cutting a diamond is as complicated and technically demanding as hardening metals.

To begin the process of cutting and shaping a diamond, diamond dust is pounded in a mortar to make a diamond cutting blade. It is also used for grinding wheels on which diamonds are grounded.

Diamond polishing is the next step after cutting and isoften done on polishing wheels that run at about two thousand revolutions in a minute when the diamond is moist. Olive oil and diamond dust is then used at the end to finish polishing process.

Chemicals and compounds are used to polish infrared materials, medical applications, sapphire, crystals and glass, ceramics and composites, plastic and lens finishing. Whether you are looking into buying a diamond polishing compound or any other polishing compound, make sure you purchase from a reputable company with a history of making high quality materials.

On a final note, electrolytic oxidation and diamond polishing are complex and highly specialized process that should only be done under expert supervision and with proper products and tools to get good results.

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