Electronic Gift Buying Tips

Nov 29th 2010 at 12:54 PM

It's that season again.... buying gifts for friends and family .... spending your hard-earned money in an expression of love and appreciation for those around you. I have compiled a short list of guidelines to follow when shopping for electronic gifts.


‎1. Don't forget batteries. Check all your electronic items to determine battery size. Take special notice to electronics that use special batteries because you may not be able to find them at your local Walmart. Radio Shack is a good place to find 'special' batteries

2. Buy age appropriate electronics. Take heed to age suggestions, then factor in the persons 'Tech IQ'. If you have a child that regularly uses the computer and can work the remote .... he / she maybe able to do well with an electronic toy... or device that is rated a year or two above his / her age. When in doubt default to the manufacturers suggestion. For older people consider the type of controls and size of print. Avoid things that are 'too technical' for those people you know are hesitant with technology because they may never use or enjoy your gift if they feel they can't understand it.

‎3. Remember.... The size of that new TV is measured in inches and they come up with the number by measuring diagonally from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner of the screen

‎4. Electronic gifts don't have to be the big expensive items all the time. There are tons of useful, entertaining and affordable electronic gadgets for the home, car, office... tools, entertainment and novelty gadgets .... be creative

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Get $5 off your purchase at Gadget Universe 5. Buy from reputable retail store. Things get damaged during shipping all the time. Things get damaged during stocking.... the problem with electronics is, you may not know til you get home, unpack and attempt to use it! Be sure your retailer has an relatively hassle-free return and exchange policy. 6. Get the most 'up-to-date' version you can afford. Electronics and technology is always evolving. Get the most use for your money, buy the most updated version now. 7. Don't forget peripherals. Power cords, headphones, the correct audio/visual cables, memory cards, the extra controller or the special controller you need to play that game you have already bought. 8. Be sure of existing electronics compatibility. Don't want to go out and buy a Blu-Ray DVD player and your TV is not High-Definition (1080p) anything less and you may as well save that money til you can get the HD TV, because you will never get the high quality image that your expecting to get from the Blu-Ray player. 9. Don't store your electronic gifts in the trunk if it is really cold. I have done this before and most times you will be ok, but there is a chance that, bringing the electronics into the warm house after they were in the cold trunk all night, could cause condensation inside of your devices.... water and electronics generally don't mix! 10. Ask Questions. Don't be afraid of sound 'dumb' or silly. Ask about features, ask about the number of returns, ask why this one costs more than that one, ask if there is another version about to come out, compatibility.... make the retailer educate you to your satisfaction!

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