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Effect of Proximity Marketing On Mobile Advertising

Oct 16th 2015 at 1:27 AM

The concept of considering “Four P’s” – that is Product, Price, Promotion and Placement as the four primary pillars of any marketing strategy dates back to the time of 1960’s and going through various changes and iterations these pillars have served companies and their investors really well. We have now probably reached a time when we need to include a fifth P for Proximity with the four previous ones. Location based advertising using proximity beacon is not only the most relevant for modern day investors but at the same time it also represents the final connection between a brand or shopping outlet and its customers. By keeping data network and GPS of their smartphones activated consumers are now certainly more willing to receive ads even on the go or the time when they are shopping and this is certainly turning out a great benefit for the marketers.

The idea of using beacon marketing has brought in a whole new dimension that was never tapped before as use of the technology was kept limited until a couple of years ago. This type of location based marketing that uses cellular technology for sending marketing massages to users in close vicinity of the business or the products have been found to be extremely useful for providing customers personalized and tailor made shopping experiences and are now being used by a growing number of businesses. Marketers are now using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology for sending promotional content similar to mobile application programs those automatically appear on the screen of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices for promoting their business or products and the trend is quickly picking up by gaining rapid popularity.

The value of location based marketing is made clear by the facts that more than 50% of consumers now willingly share their current location using their GPS enabled smartphones for receiving more relevant advertisements and more than 57% of consumers are more likely to engage themselves with this type of advertising. More than 60% consumers who respond to these advertisements are also found to be sharing their deals locally with friends. As a majority of consumers now think that promotional coupons are the best form of mobile advertising, most companies using ibeacon technology use promotional coupons for guiding their customers to a particular product when they are inside the premises of the shop and thus they regularly generate more sales making it all the more beneficial for the marketers.

There is hardly any doubt in the mind of the experts that proximity marketing comes with tremendous revenue generation potential and can allow almost every kind of business to deepen their communication with the consumers. This type of marketing also encourages brand loyalty and greatly improves the shopping experience of the customers.  Apart from that there is a range of other benefits those marketers can make use of for their various promotional events and businesses those are using this technology are already finding themselves a step ahead of their competitors. A lot more information regarding the use and benefit of beacon marketing can be found online on websites such as

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D.Savery is well known for his article on the technologies. Through his article, he gives information about the latest technologies in the field of Mobile marketing. He always refers for the latest mobile advertising technology in America.

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