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Effect of Location Based Advertising on Mobile Marketing Trends

Oct 16th 2015 at 1:26 AM

As more and more internet users are turning mobile and using their smartphones and mobile devices for finding directions, discovering new businesses, accessing information and reading consumer reviews - location based marketing is helping advertisers connect with people nearby or entering their outlets who could also be their potential customers. This type of communication is not limited to welcoming people when they enter the outlet but it actually focuses upon reaching the customers in a way that can potentially fulfill their requirements and also ensure much better in-store experience. Present day customers are certainly a lot more demanding as they look for both value and convenience and location based mobile app marketing truly has the power of serving them both.

With this new mobile marketing platform, available advertisers no more require focusing upon getting people inside their outlets but this type of promotion actually focuses on deriving more sales from the customers who are already inside the store using proximity beacons for directly connecting with the customers’ mobile devices. Marketers are using this type of marketing in many different ways for generating more sales and here are some of the location based mobile marketing trends those are being popularly used by them.

Coupons have come up as the most common and also the most popular of mobile advertising trends and as a matter of fact in this era of mobile advertising couponing has opened a whole new face and usages for it. Customers can now get coupons specifically targeting them the moment they enter a particular store or even when they are inside it and thus providing them a more encouraging shopping experience. It has been said that approximately one in four smart phone users will use that coupon for making some additional purchases and this number is steadily growing every year.

Another extremely effective use of location based mobile app marketing is to highlight and promote special offers or products available for discount. This way of guiding a customer to products he can profitably purchase effectively customizes customer shopping experience.  This can surely boost sales by a considerable degree with the targeted ads and no wonder that a growing number of businesses are now having their own apps for location based marketing and thus staying at least a couple of steps ahead of their competitors. Most of the store apps for this type of marketing now created come with an in-built shopping list function that allow the customers to find the exact items. This type of apps is extremely useful for large malls or super markets where finding the right isle can be a little difficult without guidance.

A variety of businesses including shopping markets, retail outlets and many major brands are now using this type of marketing for promoting their products and generating more sales and others have already started preparing for the catching up business. As smartphones are becoming an integral part of life, location based advertising seems to the thing for the future and it will surely continue to develop catering to the requirements of both the customers and the marketers. For more information on location based advertising with proximity beacons – visit

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