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Dragon City Breeding Guide

Nov 23rd 2015 at 10:12 PM

In order to raise your dragons you have to raise crops by yourself which can also be upgraded with the next levels.

Mean while the sea habitat comprises of a higher gold cap of 750 but the sea dragon has poor potential to earn the gold. The ultimate best dragon would be t cross breed them and attain a waterfall dragon which would be able to fit in one of the ideal habitats, that is, sea.

The dragons in Dragon City Game can only be bred in certain specific combinations like,

  1. Terra + Nature = Tropical or Cactus
  2. Terra + Dark = Hedgehog or Venom
  3. Terra + Flame = Flaming Rock or Volcano
  4. Terra + Electric = Star or Chameleon
  5. Terra + Ice = Snowflake or Alpine

Examples of how breeding dragons is actually done

1.    Breeding a Promethium Dragon:

It is possible to breed a Promethium Dragon in City. In order to obtain an amazing Promethium Dragon in colors that are different, you simply have to have to unlock the level 4 breeding sanctuary. This Promethium dragon is an 4 element and applies the combinations below:

2.    Breeding a Howl Dragon

It is possible to breed a Howl Dragon i:  In order to obtain this wonderful Howl Dragon in elements. Similar to the Promethium Dragon apply the 4 element breeding combinations below:

3.    Breeding  Glacial Dragon:

The Glacial dragon is made up of 3 elements. They are Ice Nature. You will need to apply combinations

4.    Breeding Blue Dragon in Dragon City

This wonderful Blue Dragon can be obtained easily. It is present in 3 basic elements. Level 4 sanctuary must be used with combinations:

5.    Breeding Apocalypse Dragon in Dragon City:

This amazing Apocalypse Dragon is made up of Dark. It needs the level. For unlocking you will need to use this particular breeding combination:

6.    Breeding Magnet Dragon in Dragon City:

This electrifying Magnet Dragon is made up of Electric. In order to obtain it, you will unlock level breeding sanctuary.

Breeding Gargoyle Dragon in Dragon City:

This great looking stonedragon in Dragon City called Gagoyle Dragon is made up of 3 elements, Dark. It requires 3 breeding to be unlocked using following breeding combination:

7.    Breeding Dujur dragon:

The Dujur Dragon is the cutest looking dragon in Dragon City. It is made of 3 elements, Ice. To unlock it,

The unoccupied land

Clear the unoccupied land because although it costs money, it is worth the investment due to the reason that you gain the experience with a meagre amount of pain. Besides other actions within your territory the clearing of the unoccupied land should be given due consideration.

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