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Don't Let Dirt and Grime Compromise Your Safety

Jun 12th 2015 at 3:24 AM

Our equipment is subjected to all types of punishment, and yet it performs reliably. Your gear is the only thing that stands between you and many dangers. Failure to clean and maintain your gear can make it more than dirty, it can make it dangerous. Dirt and grime can interfere with your equipment's ability to do its job. And if your protective equipment isn't doing its job, then neither are you. You can't work without your equipment. Maintaining your gear is maintaining yourself: it's ensuring maximum protection from your equipment to keep you safe and healthy.

Maintaining your protective gear serves multiple purposes:


· You prolong the life of your equipment when it's properly maintained.


· Your gear will be in optimal shape when you need it.


· You can identify problems with your gear while they're still small.


Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) represents an investment in your health and safety. And like any other investment, you need to monitor your gear for potential problems.


Maintaining Your Gloves


Your gloves take a beating every day. They may be one of the most-used piece of equipment you have.


· Don't leave them dirty.


· Clean them off after use.


· Be mindful that you sweat in your gloves, and if they aren't kept clean, you may have some smelly gloves.


· Take note of any places on your gloves that are showing wear or damage so you will know when your gloves need to be replaced.


Maintaining Your Hearing and Facial Protection


Without proper hearing and eye protection, you risk long-term hearing damage and eye contaminates that can scratch the surface of the eye. Maintenance is mandatory to keep them in good working order.


· Hearing and face protection may not be effective if they aren't properly maintained.


· Keep your earmuffs free on skin oils, sweat and hair. Dirt and sweat may keep your earmuffs from properly sealing to your face.


· Monitor your earmuffs for wear and tear. If the headband is stretched out, or the cushions in the earmuffs are beginning to break down, it may make your earmuffs uncomfortable, fit improperly,  and reduce the protection they are designed to provide.


· Goggles, safety glasses and face shields can get filthy inside and out. Dirty eyewear may impair your vision, and become a danger instead of protection. Clean it inside and out.


Maintaining your High Visibility (High Vis) Vest


Your vest is to make you more visible to others. But it won't be very effective if it's covered in dirt and mud.


· Your high vis vest needs to be kept clean in order to remain highly visible.


· The outside of your high vis vest isn't the only part that needs cleaning: the inside can also be dirty with sweat and dirt. Keep both sides clean. Proper care prolongs the life of your PPE.


· Launder your vest as needed.


· Be aware of wear and tear on your vest so you can maintain it and replace it when needed.


Maintaining Your Boots


Your boots are another part of your PPE that is used daily and needs special care.


· Don't let your boots remain dirty. Brush them off after use to get rid of dirt and debris.


· Brush off the bottom of your boots too. Dirt and rocks can become embedded in the tread. That can cause the boot tread to wear unevenly. If your boots are uneven, it may make working in them uncomfortable, or they may wear out more quickly.


· Just like your gloves, inside your boots can get dirty and sweaty and, if you don't take care of them, smelly. Wear and tear on the inside may feel abrasive and hurt your foot. Clean the inside of your boots as often as you do the outside, or even more often.


· Take care of your boots like you do your feet.



Prolong the life of your PPE equipment by periodically cleaning and inspecting each piece of gear. Failure to maintain your equipment can pose more serious problems than just being smelly. Your equipment equals your safety.



Jilli enjoys blogging and nurtures interest on all most all topics. She contributes in many reputed blogs, social platforms and makes her living as a content writer. She has been instrumental in building highly efficient content marketing strategy for LayBy stores like LayByLands based in Melbourne.

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