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Disinfectant Wipes for Cell Phone - A Good Idea

Feb 27th 2015 at 1:00 AM

Do you suffer from regular skin infections, facial problems like pimples and acne? Well, your makeup and diet might not be the cause? These infections can be because of your cell-phone, the sneaky little home to germs and microbes of various kinds. Your cell-phone might just look clean and crisp on the outside, but look closely and you will notice oily blotches from the makeup or cream you use, fingerprint marks that seem to be there for ages, small packets of dust that are clearly visible during the daylight and slight scratches that are harbouring microbes and bacteria. And from protecting your phone from these elements, a mere cell phone cover isn’t enough. In fact, you need more! Something like a disinfectant wipe for your cell phone, which doesn’t transfer germs through a wipe action, rather it kills or sanitizes them while leaving a fruity, appetizing scent behind!

Believe it or not! Disinfectant wipes for your cell phone are a great idea. Considering that a lot of people use their phones too often and clean those rarely, these wipes can ensure that the phones don’t harbour microbes and germs, while giving them a cleaner, more aesthetic appeal. These wipes maybe a bit moist, but not moist enough to cause problems with your cell-phone. And since they are specifically designed for your phone, these wipes ensure that every part or the crevice is clean and dry, enabling you to use your phones without a hassle.

These disinfectant wipe for your cell phone guarantee a number of benefits. For instance, they tend to keep dirt and dust away. While a regular cloth will simply transfer dirt from one part of the screen to the other, these wipes literally wipe it off. The dust and dirt goes onto the wipe to reveal you a phone that looks as good as know. Plus, these wipes are incredibly soft, guaranteeing that you wouldn’t have to fuss about scratches that can occur due to cloth or tissue paper usage. They don’t even leave marks, which makes them an ideal option for those who want something protective for their phone.

The wipes are designed to clean and erase fingerprints as well. So, now, you can use your touchscreen with ease. In fact, these disinfectant wipes are a great idea because they provide safety for your phone, protecting it from germs and microbes. While regular cloth pieces might not wipe germs away, these disinfectant wipes clean them once and for all. You can use your phone, talk for hours, play games without worrying about getting a breakout on your face or transferring germs into your body through your hands and fingernails.

Last, but not the least! These wipes leave your phone smelling fresh! That’s an added advantage, the aesthetic fragrance which makes you feel optimistic and happier. And these wipes can be used for your other gadgets as well. A single wipe can easily clean your cell phone, as well as your laptop monitor and television screen.

So, make sure that you have disinfectant wipes for your cell phone!

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