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Common Plasma TV Problems

Nov 15th 2012 at 10:35 PM

Nothing can be more pleasurable than watching your favorite movies or playing games in HD on your large-screen Plasma TV. What's more, you can connect your laptop or computer to your HD Plasma TV and enjoy working or playing on the large screen. However, at times, your Plasma automatically turns off or its screen blotches up. It can happen due to many reasons. Below mentioned is the list of a few common TV problems and their suggested solutions.

Blurred Picture - A blurred picture is often caused by pixelation, a common problem in plasma. The screen (display) of a plasma is built of several tiny pixels, also known as color dots. When you increase the size of a low-resolution picture for a better and larger view, it often results into pixelation that causes the pixels to break and makes the screen go blur and vague. If blurring occurs with every low-resolution image, you should contact your TV manufacturer. This indicates an underlying problem that should be tended to immediately. If you see only one dot or multiple rainbow-colored dots on your screen, it indicates that dust is settled on it. Dust off the screen to help improve the picture clarity. In fact, dust off the screen regularly to remove the rainbow-colored dots.

Burn-in - Burn-in is again a very common problem in plasma TVs. When an image is faintly or strongly visible after the actual image on your TV changes, it is called burn-in or ghosting. It makes an image to Samsung UN65ES8000 stay on the screen for a long time even after it changes. To get rid of the burn-in problem, avoid leaving your TV turned on for extended periods when not watching it. In other words, if you are not watching your TV, put it to sleep (turn it off). Also, do not leave video games paused for longer periods. This will save you energy and cost (electricity bills) besides saving your TV from facing burn-in. If the problem persists, contact your TV manufacturer.

Overheating - It is the commonest problem in TVs as their TV circuit boards toil day in and out to offer and enhance your TV-watching experience. Like your laptop or desktop computer overheats because of being consistently turned on and used, your Plasma does heat up. Overheating drastically reduces the lifecycle of a Plasma TV. Considering this, many manufacturers have started integrating a cooling fan into their Plasma products. Check if your Plasma TV came with a built-in cooling fan. If there is one, make sure that it works properly to cool down your TV. Make sure that the cooling fan can vent heat properly. If there is no cooling fan in your Plasma, make sure that it is placed in a cool environment.

Additional Info:

If you see a ring or sunburst pattern on the screen of your TV, it indicates a damaged screen due to the incorrect installation, physical damage by a child or adult, or a pre-manufacturing flaw. Contact your TV manufacturer and have it either reinstall the TV and or replace the screen. For future safety, enclose the TV in a glass cover.

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