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Common Applications of Lead Alloy Supplied By Manufacturers in India

Jan 14th 2015 at 2:59 AM

Lead is used in various forms in a number of applications as a pure metal, in chemical form as a compound or as an alloy. Lead alloy manufacturers in India supply lead in various forms of alloys, with each type of alloy being used for manufacturing of goods and items and in other industrial applications.

Lead is mostly used in the manufacturing of lead based batteries, like the common ones we use at home or in our cars. Other applications of lead include rolled extrusion, manufacturing of ammunition, pigments and cable sheathing.

Uses of Lead


Lead storage batteries are the most common examples of batteries that use lead for their working. Such types of batteries are used in cars and other automobiles and in inverters and power backups in homes and offices.The grids or the plates inside such batteries are made from lead or from an alloy of lead and antimony.


Bullets used for firing from firearms are made from lead and are widely used in sporting events.

Cable Sheathing

Lead is used in cable sheathing to protect electrical cables from physical damage and environmental corrosion due to the excellent resistive properties of lead and lead alloys. Lead is a highly ductile material and can easily be extruded by mechanical processes.

Rolled Extrusion

By the process of extrusion, lead sheets are manufactured mostly for industrial use. These lead sheets are used to stop the entry of water into buildings so that they remain safe from weathering. Lead sheets are used on the roofs for protection and cladding, while pipes made from lead are used in chemical industries as they are resistant to various forms of chemical corrosion. Lead sheets with high density are used for sound proofing rooms and cabins and for shielding from radiation as well.


Lead was widely used in manufacturing paints as a pigment due to its chemical properties. An example of this is white lead, whose chemical formula is 2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2, which is extensively used in paint manufacturing. But with time there were concerns over the health implications of lead when used in paint which caused the reduction in the amount in paints.

Lead Alloy Manufacturers in India

In India, lead alloy manufacturers supply lead and lead alloys to industries for use in a number of applications. The physical and chemical properties of lead gives it an advantage over other metals and makes it suitable for use either in pure form or as an alloy where it is combined with other metals and elements.

About the Author…

Metenere Ltd Manufactures the Tin, Lead, and Aluminum Ingot Alloy in India. They are the best quality suppliers of Aluminum sheets, rods, foils in Japan, Korea.


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