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Calculate Ingredients In Recipes With Recipe Conversion Calculator

Mar 3rd 2014 at 10:01 PM

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There are multiple occasions when a chef or cook may require calculating the recipes. It could be due to expansion or reduction of numerical strength of users or due to language conversion. One can calculate ingredients in recipes with recipe conversion calculator.

On numerous occasions a chef or a cook may require calculation of recipes. This could be due to various reasons and it could also be for understanding or using the conversion depending on the language in which the recipes are prepared. In addition; the conversions also help in managing the Food Costing Formula

Why Conversion is Necessary

Why is the conversion of recipes necessary? There are several reasons for this.

  • First of all; such conversion may be necessary due to change in the numerical strength of people to whom they would be served. For instance; a recipe that was to be served to three people may now have to be served to six and accordingly the ingredients will change.

  • Sometimes the conversions are trickier with the numerical strength varying not in the right proportions. However, the procedure is always the same and it is known as scaling the recipe.

  • At other time conversion may be necessary due to language barrier. For instance; if a recipe is in French or Spanish or Italian and the chef or cook wants to convert the same to English the process will be necessary.

Working Out The Conversion

The way of working out the conversion is as follows.

  • First of all; you need to calculate the conversion factor.

  • Conversion factor would be the number that will form the basis of converting all the quantities.

  • For dealing with it the user can take the help of Recipe Conversion Calculator that will make math part convenient.

  • Process of conversion is simple; dividing the desired numbers by that of the original number of servings that has to be dealt out. Resulting number would be the conversion factor.

Formula for Conversion Factor

There is a specific formula for determination of the conversion factor in any of the process and it will help calculate ingredients in recipes with ease and convenience. The formula is just to divide the number of desired servings with the number of original servings to arrive at the conversion factor. For instance; if the desired servings are 64 and original servings are 16 then the conversion factor would be 64/16=4. Once the conversion factor is determined the next step would be to multiply each ingredient quantum with that factor to arrive at the final quantum of such ingredient.

These formulas are applied by most renowned chefs and catering services to ensure that there are no mistakes in their dealing with the requirements of their clients. Of course there will be room for slight errors but that will never be more than 0.1-02 percent and that is always negligible in the hospitality industry. Also since the calculation in case of recipes with large number of ingredients may be daunting task manually, use of the calculator to calculate ingredients in recipes would be the best way out.

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