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BIG GreenWin! Network Update - Lots of News!!

Jan 22nd 2011 at 1:10 AM
Just an other blog post...

As this is the official statement of GreenWin! published on site today, Friday, January 21, 2011, I will not change anything nor put any pictures up to make the reading more entertaining. You should completely concentrate on the content as it is quite important and in itself exciting stuff!

MobiPortal: Completed and in testing mode. The team are also working on a version that eliminates the need to down load any dialer software for specific phones. This will result in many more mobile phones being able to use MobiPortal without any dialer configuration issues.
Messenger: Completed and in testing mode. The Messenger team are setting up the download locations and updating systems as well as getting the top up credits function integrated. Nearly done now. Sites: All on the way and nearing completion. The new site for the parent company GreenWin Group will have its own news portal. We will use that news portal to post info on all activities and ongoing business development in the GreenWin Group of companies. This will include GreenWin Telecoms, MobiSight, GreenWin Technologies and GreenWin Network. And if that news portal does not satisfy even the most ardent news seeker amongst members and Stakeholders...then we don't know what will  ;D SIM Cards: We will be going into production with our smart SIM sooner than expected. Please wait for the new GW Telecoms site to be published before asking for info. G-Phone: All we can say is WOW. We have the new updated phones with the latest configuration / setting and features. We should be ready to start shipping in Feb. Stakeholders: As mentioned before your equity will be moved before the end of this month to the parent company; GreenWin Group Ltd. This will give you the benefit of profit sharing from all activities in the total group. GW Telecoms has already signed deals with several distribution companies to market the complete package of services and products directly to millions of potential customers and we are already in discussions for very large orders for the SIM Cards and G-phones. Our goal is to be operational with GW Telecoms in over 60 countries before the end of the summer. GW Telecoms is actrively seeking and talking to potential joint venture partners to promote and sell the complete range of services and products within their region(s) Example: One recent joint venture partner will be selling the total range of services via cable TV channels starting in Italy in Feb. This will expand to ther channels and other countries during 2011. Another JV partner will be giving away 10 million SIM Cards to their customers (after buying them from us of course)...as well as several hundred thousand phones. These are just a couple of examples of what is developing...and of course GreenWin Network is also a non exclusive distributor of the telecoms services and products that it purchases from GreenWin Telecoms. Both companies are owned by GreenWin Group Ltd. There are also several exciting developments with MobiSight and the possibility to have MobiSight operational on millions of phones within a short time frame. But as none of you have seen or experienced what MobiSight actually is and does, we do not really expect you to understand any of this yet...but it will knock your socks off when you do see it in action. MobiSight is a patent pending technology and system. As usual, we ask you not to contact support with questions about any of the above items. Please wait for the relevent sites to be published before asking any questions. Please see the info below about what it means to be a Stakeholder in GreenWin Group. The Stakeholder program is part of our Social Initiative to help as many members as possible to achieve a financial profit from the shares in the group that will be issued onto the market. A limited amount of pre market discounted equity is available for members who have the vision, forsight and courage to take a step into the future.
Stakeholders receive a percentage of the profit share in GW Stakeholders own Private Equity Points in GreenWin Group Ltd
Stakeholders will have their PEPs converted into shares in the company which can generate significant profits at the time of the conversion.
The conversion ratio can be up to 100 : 1
That means that 1 PEP can be converted into 100 shares.
The conversion ratio can only be determined at the time of the conversion.
The conversion ratio will be determined by the equity value of the company at the time of conversion.
Example: If the conversion ratio is 100 : 1 and you have 100 PEPs then you would be allocated 10,000 shares.
These will be non voting, dividend yielding shares.
If the share price at the time of converting is 2 Euros, your share equity value would be 20,000 Euros based on the example above.
The conversion ratio is not guaranteed to be 100:1 it might be 10 or 20 or any number depending on the market value of the company at the time of the conversion.
The share price can also be higher at the time of the conversion.
But the probability is that stakeholders will be seeing a significant profit margin from the PEP to shares conversion.
Profit share is allocated monthly and will begin small but should increase each month as the company turnover increases.
After the conversion of PEPs to shares the profit sharing (dividends) will be allocated every 90 days.
The nominal value of 1 PEP is 1 Euro.
This value will remain fixed until the PEPs are converted into shares.
The value of shares can rise or fall depending on several factors including company sales turnover, new technology and expanding markets, projected and perceived equity value of the company.
If you would like to become a stakeholder you can purchase PEPs by transferring the payment to AlertPay.
GW account: support@greenwinnetwork.com
The minimum purchase is 10 PEPs = to 10 Euros
Direct bank transfers are also possible for larger amounts of 500 Euros and above
Please ask for our bank info if you wish to transfer 500 or more Euros. Note: Please enter your user name in the AlertPay memo information box before sending the payment.
You do not need to contact support after you have made the payment.
Please allow 24 hours for the PEPs to be credited.
MATCHING BONUS: Purchases of 100 PEPs or more will get a 10% matching bonus added. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you now - after reading this mouthwatery Update - got in the mood to join GreenWin! Network and maybe even buy some PEPs for that starting in a year time (or even less!) you don't ever have to work again and just live off the dividends... here is the Link to follow to register: http://bit.ly/GreenSign.

Just imagine investing now €500,- into your future... (see calculation above)

Exciting... very, very exciting!!!

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut

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