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Artificial Intelligence impact on society

Dec 12th 2014 at 2:37 AM


David Lodge in his novel Small World (2006) about an academic world of the literary critics described the scene where the main character created a flap among the group of outstanding, but dissenting with each other literary critics, by asking a question to them: “What if you were right?” Apparently, no one of them hasn’t thought about this question before, as the discussion of the unanswerable theories - is a nail-biting thing.

The same confusion you can cause if you ask the researchers in the field of the artificial intelligence “What if you succeed in reaching of your aim?” As the artificial intelligence demonstrates perfect achievements and undoubtedly the intellectual computers are more useful than unintellectuall, so should we worry about something? Should we afraid of the day, when artificial intellect writes a user startup manual or start ruling its own business?

Now the question about the creation of artificial intellect is under discussion, but the humanity needs some time to analyze this question, or even think - should it be created or not. If the backwash effects of artificial intellect creation will be more negative than positive, then, people, working under it, bears the moral responsibility, binding them to search in another directions. Unforeseen negative side effects are the consequence of the new technologies implementation: internal-combustion engines cause the air pollution and all-round roads building, even in the most paradisiacal places; nuclear technologies caused the Chernobyl catastrophe and created the global destruction menace. Or the artificial intellect will be used to download manuals and guides from the Internet to help students and professors?

How do we imagine our future? The authors of sci-fi novels public pessimistic scenarios of the future, but not the optimistic ones, maybe because it allows them creation of the more amazing story lines. But we are under the impression that the artificial intellect has the same way of development as other, revolutionary at their time, technologies had: typography, engineering equipment, aeronautics, telephones etc., and the positive results of their implementation were rather bigger than the negative sides. And, moreover, they, the results still are.

We must admit the artificial intellect has achieved great progress during his short, but reach in events, critics and delights life. We can predict only the closest events, but we surely know what we need to do in future.


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