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Are VoIP Systems Reliable?

Dec 4th 2019 at 3:18 PM

It should go without saying that everyone needs absolute reliability from their phone system. During their earlier days, VoIP systems were often not entirely understood and a number of companies experienced some issues with call dropping, lag, and exchange overload. The good news is that modern systems are much more reliable and business phone installation experts can install internet telephony in a far more reliable manner. A well-configured VoIP system - one that also takes into account other aspects of data use across a network - should be incredibly reliable, and in many ways more so than an old fashioned POTS network.

Why VoIP can be much more Reliable

Landline phones are slowly being phased out. It is conservatively estimated that already approaching a third of US homes (and a growing number of small businesses) have entirely canceled their landline services. Infrastructure is in pretty dire need for renewal and upkeep - and the fact of the matter is that the fewer people subscribe to such services, the lower the priority that telecoms companies will place their upkeep.

People are turning their back on traditional telephony because VoIP can be significantly cheaper (especially for businesses that demand high volume quality calls) and offers a more flexible solution. If you need to temporarily reboot your VoIP network, you can simply forward all calls to private cell phones. Throw in added advantages such as video conference calling, automatic assistants, group call forwarding and many more such bonuses that traditional services just cannot reliably provide - and you'll start to understand that Idaho VoIP is a progressive business solution.

There is no reason why VoIP phones should not be able to function reliably 99.99% of the time. The only thing that can potentially knock them out is a catastrophic power outage - something which backup generators/batteries can insure against for small businesses without breaking the bank.

Is VoIP a Fad?

VoIP is certainly here to stay and as outlined already there's plenty of people well aware of this fact already! That being said, this is an evolving industry and we're seeing VoIP handsets hitting the market that offer even better utilities and practical reliability. Security is no longer the major issue that puts many people off investing in VoIP infrastructure - plenty of businesses have used the opportunity to install internet-based phone systems to bring their security frameworks up to scratch.

Alongside effective network management, there is no reason why installing VoIP makes any network any weaker, and more often than not it actually enhances overall business security. The internet - most likely via the Cloud in the future - is going to be at the forefront of daily use telephony in the very near future. Plenty of industry experts predict - again rather conservatively - that uptake will soon be hitting about 50% by 2025, and closer to 90% by 2030.

Final Thoughts

VoIP allows businesses and individuals the opportunity to truly take control of their communication needs. These services are far more flexible and adaptable compared to traditional pricing plans - and you'll rarely find an example of where opting to go VoIP has not shaved up to 50% off telephony costs. VoIP allows for much easier scalability (the option to simply add and remove new users with just a click or two), portability (forward calls to cell phones), and easy upgradeability (your handsets should essentially be 'future-proof'). Throw in the fact that a well installed Idaho VoIP system is also highly reliable and there's simply no reason to take your chances with a crumbling and increasingly unreliable POTS option.

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