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Allen Bradley CompactLogix Controller- A Brief Overview

May 7th 2015 at 8:58 AM

allenAs businesses grow, more and more companies have to invest in powerful infrastructure to manage their IT requirements. Industrial equipment can cost a fair amount of money. In the current business environment, progress is everything. Companies are finding new and improved ways to manage business operations and improve efficiency. However, the advancements in technology also come with an increased risk. You need to establish proper controls in order to manage new technology and to keep it from harm’s way. Moreover, you also need to retrain your employees or hire those who have the required set of skills.

What Is a Programmable Logic Controller?

Before talking about the CompactLogix controller, it is important for readers to know what a programmable logic controller really is. A programmable logic controller is essentially a device that is designed to automate numerous industrial processes. Mainly, these processes are electromechanical. For instance, a programmable logic controller is installed in amusement rides, which allows the operator to automate the ride in a specific manner. This provides a greater degree of control to the operator, allowing him to preset the ride and how it will operate.

Programmable logic controllers are generally created for numerous arrangements of analog and digital inputs or outputs (I/Os). They are also created for use in demanding conditions and can withstand high temperatures. Most PLCs are not affected by electrical noise and are highly resistant to any sort of impact or vibration. As you can understand, they are designed for use in pretty rough situations, which are commonly found in industrial processes. PLCs are also widely employed in industrial assembly lines (very commonly used in the manufacture of automobiles).

The Compact Logix System

Now that you have an idea of what a PLC is and how it is used let’s talk about the CompactLogix controller. This controller is designed for use with small to medium sized applications. In typical situations, the company recommends that you use the controller with machine-level control applications. You can create a logical system by connecting a device that has DeviceNet communication enabled as well as a controller with a unitary bank of input/output modules.

The Logix controller has a variety of unique features, such as a user memory range between 0.5 MB and 3 MB standard, in addition to 0.5 MB to 1 MB in safety. The user range usually depends on the type of controller. There are numerous options available in regards to the communication modules as well, ranging from EtherNet/ IP, DeviceNet as well as Serial Communication modules.


Users also have the option of installing multiple modules with a communication- interface into the backplane of the Compact Logix controller. This will allow them to establish a gateway to control or to bridge routine information and data between two different networks. The Logix controller aims to provide high functionality on a relatively economic platform and delivers just that. It also comes with a DIN rail or a panel mount for easy installation.

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