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All You Need To Know About MIDE-Disk on Module

Feb 2nd 2015 at 3:07 AM

IDE-Disk on Module (DOM)

Earlier, rotating HDDs were connected to motherboards on computers using Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) where a 3.5 or 2.5 inch HDD was first mounted in a slot and was connected to the host computer’s IDE connector using a flat ribbon cable.

The IDE DOM is a flash storage module that can be directly connected to a host motherboard on a computer by plugging it directly into the IDE connector on the motherboard. This way, the IDE DOM module works exactly in the same way as a normal rotating HDD would.

MIDE-Disk on Module

Features of MIDE-Disk on Module

· These are compatible with the IDE functionality and also conform to ATA standard.

· These are constructed using NAND or AND flash memory.

· There is an option of 40 or 44 pin IDE connector.

· Their storage capacity ranges from 32 MB to 3 GB.

· They have an endurance cycle of 1,000,000 read/write cycles.

· Their operating temperature ranges from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

Types of IDE-Disk on Module (DOM)

There are two types of industrial grade IDE DOM

40 Pin IDE DOM

40 Pin IDE connectors are used in systems that are designed to run with 3.5 inch and larger IDE HDD. This IDE connector is responsible for carrying interface signals to the drive. Another set of 4 pins is present on the module to receive power from the power supply as the HDD power is not transferred through the 40 pin connector.

44 Pin IDE DOM

In the 44 pin IDE DOM, the power and the signal lines are combined to form a single 44 pin connector which removes the need for having separate pin for delivering power as in the case of 40 pin IDE DOM.

The 44 pin IDE DOM are used in 2.5 inch HDD.

Advantages Of MIDE-Disk on Module

MIDE-Disk on Module offer several advantages which include low power consumption, high performance, superior endurance and reliable data retention. These are also resistant to shock and variation in the surrounding temperature. As a result, these can be excellent replacements for convention flash disk drives and can be used in a host of computing applications in a many industries.

Applications of MIDE-Disk on Module

· Vending machines

· Embedded computing

· Industrial automation

· POS cash registers and ATMs

· Casinos

· Aerospace and avionics

· Radar/Sonar

· Telecommunication

· VoIP and Servers.

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