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All functions of outdoor LED display screens

Jan 15th 2015 at 5:57 PM

With continuous innovation and development of advertising technology, a wide range of full color outdoor LED screen has now become the city at night in a beautiful scenery, colorful, flashing lights advertising for the city's beating night add a rainbow of color, however, relative to the outdoor environment of the indoor environment is even more harsh, Outdoor LED display screens of glitches.

For indoor display, Outdoor LED advertisement screens have higher resolution in order to meet a variety of long distance and high conditions take effect. Traditional LCD display resolution reached only 1024x768, and as far as the actual test data show, outdoor applications appear on the device's resolution needs at least 1920x1200 to be under the influence of the sun appeared normal, for advertising screen, "resolution" will not become too big problem for its popularity. In order for outdoor LED screen adaptation of advertising clutter environments, in addition to "resolution", the functions of waterproof, dust-proof, anti-theft, lightning, explosion-proof, anti-reflection, electromagnetic interference and so on are all digital signage system from indoor to outdoor to think and solve problems.

Outdoor LED display to smart thermostat:
Outdoor advertising screen at run time will be from solar radiation, convection, three priority areas such as the internal electronic components heat, based on regional temperature and equipment placement location to determine temperature control for different LCD advertising screen. Plenty of air conditioning heat, forced-air cooling type cooling. But no matter what kind of cooling solutions, goods generally meet the temperature:-30 ℃-55 ℃, humidity: 10%--90% operation.

indoor led screen

Dust-proof, waterproof and mine:
To outdoor use, waterproof, dustproof, were among the first to face, showing equipment enclosure protection rating must be waterproof, waterproof rating IPX5, running in the rain; efficiency of dust falling commodity and an important factor in accelerating the aging of goods, outdoor shows dust and dust-proof structure of equipment designed specifically to filter products, dust levels to meet IP65. To complete the all-weather outdoor playback performance, outdoor show device but also a reliable control design of lightning-proof, in a thunderstorm as equipment supplying safety assurance.

Anti-reflective and anti-electromagnetic interference:
Show interface is clearly visible in the outdoor environment, anti-reflection is also a reflection of the important aspects, it is necessary to use specially coated glass to enhance the Visual point of view and resolution of screen, reduce the reflective screen. Meanwhile, appeared outside the anti-electromagnetic disturbing feature of the device become very important, we can't go to transform the outdoor environment, but we can shield approach to the internal electrical parts of the equipment, which effectively prevent the internal components, cable signal of trouble and prevent lightweight LED screen from external electromagnetic disturb.

Riot anti-theft:
Outdoor appeared equipment General should for outdoor of public, public security and equipment itself of security are appeared to thinking of problem, General outdoor appeared equipment will use special tempered clip glue glass, even glass damaged, also only produced similar cobwebs-like of chronology crack, its debris firm of stick attached in middle layer Shang, can avoid due to glass dropped caused personal injury or property loss. In addition, the security problems facing, exposed screw should be avoided, and locks and anti-theft features rugged structural support and solve the security problem.

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