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Oct 29th 2014 at 4:47 AM

The technology aims to simplify the first human life. A priori, it is at his service. However, since the dawn of time, man has an ambiguous relationship with her. Fascinated by progress and modernity it symbolizes, frightened by the possible abuses. "Technology has a magical character. It's beautiful, people say but at the same time, they are afraid. As long as there has been no experience, they plan on it future scenarios, scenarios of science fiction, "Christophe Rebours, founder of design agency in process analysis. And if no one wants to go back to the Stone Age, a time of mutual adaptation is necessary for man to find a sense of control technology. Article Source By iPhone Application Development Karachi

With the advent of new technologies, this adaptation time became shorter and shorter, and gradually the man the feeling of losing the hand, to be enslaved by the machine. "The technology invites everywhere in our environment, in intimacy, it becomes intrusive. And the probability is high that each of us sees more than ten technological revolutions when our ancestors saw just one in their life, "says Dominique Weizman, Director General Dezineo, office style and intelligence specializing in the design.

Seduced by modernity but refusing to race to the performance, some consumers, starting with California sores, engage in alternative ways and oppose high tech, slow or low-tech. Technology with a human face, meaningful, that remains to be listening to the man. Technology is responsible and respectful of the environment.

Simple And Invisible

"The low-tech does not reject technology but it focuses on the essentials of what makes sense. His followers are looking for a Zen technology whose main feature is simplicity, "says Pierre d'Huy, Associate Director of Consulting Experts, and to explain in this post-modern quest for success Virtue mobile communication system launched by the luxury division of Nokia. An object created by the designer Frank Nuovo, the main feature, besides its exorbitant price (6000 EUR 24,000) is to be a laptop and nothing else. "After the turn of the question, we return to the basics, product - a function," says Pierre d'Huy.

iPhone Application Development Karachi - If for some hollywodiennes stars, the low-tech becomes a way to differentiate themselves from ordinary mortals, a supreme snobbery, however, the trend is more profound. "Unquestionably, we are witnessing a shift in values and thus behavior. The rise of sustainable development or movement "Volunteer simplicity", a philosophy of life centered on the desire to simplify his life by minimizing the negative impact of consumption on the planet, suggests that the low-tech is a trend background, "said Eric Seulliet, Director of E-Mergences, consulting group specializing in forecasting and innovation. Trend researchers, engineers and other marketers are starting to take into account.

If nothing can stop their advance, the goal today is to make useful new technologies, beautiful, available and simple. Back in terms of design and design that Raymond Loewy called the "Maya course." "The Maya point for" Most Advanced Yet Acceptable "is a kind of border, difficult to define, to draw. This is the point, the limit beyond which we cannot go without the risk of being rejected by users, "says Christophe Rebours. A border that Steve Jobs, Apple's boss, seems to have found. The first computer i-Pod, the firm has built its reputation on the simplicity of the interface, on the beauty of design, accessibility of technology. "The era of the Star Trek technology is derriere us. The technology is certainly pervasive, but it is invisible, it is somehow low profile.

One of the most successful examples of this approach is probably the i-Pod. His communication says nothing about its technological characteristics. We see the object silhouettes and dancing.

Reconnect With The Real

Emotional benefits for making the object, a companion, a friend. Benefits of industrial appliances looking now translate after drifting in the middle of the 2000s Internet bubble, all major appliances groups are engaged in the communicative technology. Ariston had a washing machine remotely controlled by mobile phone and the web earning the doors of refrigerators (Samsung, Frigidaire, and Electrolux). If they have the joy of the press, all of these devices were quickly stored in the hangar false good ideas. "The concept was interesting though. The refrigerator is the place where the family retrieve. Valour install a home computer seemed like a good idea. The designers have simply forgotten that he was treated differently technology. Tackle a computer screen on a door does not make sense. One could imagine a kind of magic slate or system Post ‘It "says Christophe Rebours.

With this lesson, the major brands have returned to simpler concepts. The small LCD screens that fit the latest generation of refrigerators ElcoBrandt group merely deliver essential information on the proper functioning of the device. As new technologies developed by washing machines, they focus on reducing the impact of their use on the environment. In short, after the futuristic delusions, innovations are moving back to the benefits received directly by the user. In doing so, they find meaning.

iPhone Application Development Karachi - This search for meaning is all the more essential that the development of new technologies leads to the man in a world of increasingly virtual. "Men feel they have lost touch with reality. The development of poly sensuality, the soft touch, the encapsulation of odors, or more generally, the use of materials that appeal to all our senses, are a response to the loss of contact, "says Monique Large, project Manager at Dezineo. And Eric Seulliet added. "The high touch technology compensates for the senses. The design is sought; an eco-design is running. This is what we call a marketing reliance that is based on finding of collusion which is based on a consideration of the best values and meaning. "Even Internet, yet synonymous with high-tech and virtual world, sees increasing attempts to humanize. Communities, cats, weblogs, let alone develop dizzying genealogical research sites; the Web becomes a living tissue resistance to technology, or at least its excesses. And this is probably the paradox of this new century.

Threat To Liberties

As technology improves quality of life, reduce mortality fact, frees up time, making travel safer, the man of the twenty-first century seems to focus on the dark side. The newest fascination / repulsion example: the development of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). These smart tags, packed with information, help keep track of goods or animals. Mainly used for logistical purposes - Walmart distributor was the first to seize the opportunity - these tags could in the near future, be inserted into the most common products. In the United States, Gillette gave it a try, immediately provoking an outcry from consumer groups.

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