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A Complete Review of the Mighty Portable Vaporizer

Mar 17th 2015 at 1:45 PM

Know about Mighty Portable Vaporizer

Another portable vaporizer from the manufacturing lines of the company that goes by the name of “Storz & Bickel”, the ‘Mighty’ portable vaporizer is extremely similar to its sibling the ‘Crafty portable vaporizer. The Mighty a portable dry herb vaporizer, so it is extremely compact and portable, although the vaporizer is just as effective and powerful as, if not more than, most desktop vaporizers. The Mighty boasts an extremely high quality of vaporizers, a quality which anyone and everyone who has a passion for vaporizing is capable of appreciating.


Mighty Vaporizer – Different From Others

The Mighty is bigger as compared to its sibling the Crafty, giving the Mighty more of a wireless home vaporizer look than a typical portable vaporizer look. However, the fact that the Mighty is larger in size than the average portable vaporizer does not compromise its portability, the fact that it is extremely easy to hold and its compactness, not even in the least. Since the Mighty is larger than its sibling, it also comes with a larger battery. The larger battery of the Mighty gives it double the battery life of its sibling as the Mighty offers up to 90 minutes of battery life. In addition, the Mighty also comes with a 6 feet long power cord, which is quite an unusual trait for portable vaporizers.

The Mighty comes with pass-through charging, but unlike with the Crafty, if a person plus the Mighty into an outlet when it has no battery life left whatsoever, they will be able to use the vaporizer as soon as they turn the switch for the outlet on. This is quite a useful and nifty little feature that is definitely worthy of appreciation.


The Mighty’s sibling, the Crafty, uses a Smartphone app to allow users to control the temperature of the vaporizer the brightness of its LED. However, that is not the case with the Mighty portable browser. This weed vaporizer has a screen on its body that displays the temperature that the insides of the device are experiencing, and two buttons on either sides of the display allow users to play around with the temperature and adjust it according to their wishes. Furthermore, this LED display also shows the amount of battery life that the Mighty has left at any given time. The Mighty is not only one of the most compact and portable vaporizers in existence but is also one of the most advanced and strongest ones, which is what makes the Mighty such a great portable vaporizer.

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Jul 19th 2016 at 1:07 PM by cscsc
The good old Mighty Portable Vaporizer, had mines for about 7 months now. Still going string, and the vapor is nice and cool with great taste, unlike the cheap vaporizers you see that give you a plastic taste. The Mighty Vaporizer is my second vaporizer, first I got the vaporizer pen, which was small, but it did not do the job right. I am a heavy smoker, so I needed a big chamber, and this marijuana vaporizer has just that. Great vaporizer review and thank you for sharing!

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