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5 Signs You Are Working With the Wrong SEO company

Feb 24th 2020 at 9:20 PM

Trying to find the best SEO companies can be a difficult task. You are not only tasked with finding an SEO company that will help boost your client rate and get more people to notice the content that you are putting out, but you also have to assume that they are actually going to boost your views. There are a lot of SEO companies out there, but it can be hard to find theĀ best SEO companies. In this article, I am going to list the signs that you are currently working with the wrong SEO company so that you can get to work on finding a better one right away.

If the company you chose is focusing too much on link building, they are probably not the most reliable company. Link building is something that happens when you buy link clicks in bulk, sites like Google will recognize these things fairly quickly, and they will punish you for doing it. You can't cheat the system by link building, but there are tactics that you can use that are similar. However, if the SEO company you are using prefers to use low-quality clicks, they are not reliable and you should find a new company to work with.

They do not send you a monthly report. Monthly reports are important for many reasons. It gives you a chance to see what kind of content gets the most attention, what content barely brings in any attention, and you can piece together the kind of things that you should be pushing out with your company. If your SEO company is not showing you a monthly report, they are not doing their job. They might not be sending the monthly report in because they don't put it together for you, or they might not do it because they don't think it's necessary either way, it's a bad sign and you should consider finding a new company to work with.

They do not describe their methods. If you are having a lot more clicks and views, that is great. But the company should always fill you in on what is going on behind the screen. If you ask them about what they are doing to get so many attention on you, and they do not answer it with anything specific, they might be doing something shady on their end. You should ask them for a full report on what they are doing, if they don't deliver, you should find a new company that will fill you in on the finer details.

If they promise you something, you should never sign-on. It does not matter how well the company is doing, and how great their success stories seem, results are never something you can guarantee. You can never tell how people are going to react to content. Never believe a company that promises the best results. Instead, find someone who says that they will try their best. That is more reliable and trustworthy than a promise.

And finally, duplicate content. You should not trust someone who gives you ripped off, duplicated, or low-quality content. If you are paying someone and working very closely with them to get more clicks and views, they should put in the work to get you original material. If they don't, you should cut them loose. Working with an SEO company requires both parties to contribute, don't take something that was made with half-effort. Only accept the best.

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