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5 Main Tips You Should Know About Hearing Protection

Jun 10th 2015 at 9:17 AM

We are living in a world which, noise has become part of our lifestyle. Industries, vehicles and heavy machinery produce noise which tends to be dangerous to the human ear if you are exposed to it for long periods without wearing hearing protection.

The human ear is said to hold environmental sound of up to seventy five decibels. Decibels are the unit used to measure the intensity of sound. Anything more than seventy decibels calls for you wearing hearingprotection.Also listening to music at potentially high levels and for much longer periods may cause harm to our ears .Over time this untamed habits can permanently damage hearing ability, affecting our ability to converse efficiently with our loved ones. Below are some tips you should follow;


· Wear Hearing Protection Correctly
In places where there is a lot of noise that may cause damage to your ears,it is wise if you remain in hearing protection gears .Where hearing protection is recommended make sure you wear it correctly. In order for hearing protection to be effective you must wear it at all times as much as you are in hazardous areas.

· Know your Surroundings
This may sound as a little bit absurd but it goes a long way in saving your hearing ability for a while longer.If you are in for a night shift at work, get to know the noise level of your workstation at the time of your shift. The average levels of noise you are exposed to may need you to wear hearing protection. The noise level where employers must provide hearing protection is a daily or weekly average exposure of 85 decibels. The risk to hearing from noise at work is dependent on the sound levels. The safe exposure limit is calculated from a combination of exposure time and sound intensity.

· Get Your Hearing CheckedAfter every short period of time book yourself in for hearing checks. Your work station may be offering hearing checks after some time and if not so get a personal specialist to check the state and health of your ears. Always inform the person testing your hearing when you were last exposed to noise and how long you were exposed for.

· Comfort ability

When choosing hearing protection gear, make sure your comfort ability is also packaged in there. You need to be comfortable in order to be highly productive at your workstation or home. Make sure you get ear protection which is comfortable for you be it ear muffs, ear plugs or even a combination of the two.

· Period

Also get to know the amount of time you will be exposed to the high levels of noise. The higher the levels of noise the lesser period you should be exposed to it without hearing protection gears. Just as you wouldn’t stay without a safety vest in unclear weather, so it should be even with hearing protection.


Quality ear plugs help in reducing the overall level of sound and at the same time maintaining an even balance across the sound spectrum. This means that you can still hear everything clearly, although the overall sound level is reduced. The greater the number of decibels of attenuation by the ear plugs, the better overall hearing protection they offer.




Jilli enjoys blogging and nurtures interest on all most all topics. She contributes in many reputed blogs, social platforms and makes her living as a content writer. She has been instrumental in building highly efficient content marketing strategy for LayBy stores like LayByLands based in Melbourne.

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