10 Ways To Grow Your Business Using Local Digital Marketing Strategies

Oct 16th 2015 at 2:36 AM

The internet has revolutionized the way that we market businesses. There are many small businesses who underestimate the power of internet marketing. It isn’t that the old forms of marketing aren’t still relevant and important, but to underestimate the power of the digital marketing could leave many businesses surviving instead of thriving. Even for local advertising and marketing, the internet offers small and big business alike the potential to level the playing field and to increase profits exponentially. For many small Chicago businesses SEO can increase their company presence.

Is there are a difference between SEO marketing your company locally versus globally?

Of course, the answer to this question is “yes”, but what does that mean for the internet. Many local businesses underestimate how useful local marketing through tools such as Google can do for their presence. If you use the Internet appropriately and understand how to differentially market your local business, you have immeasurable tools at your fingertips. There are ten ways to grow your local business that are not only easy, but most are also free and effective. If you are ready to take your small business to the big time, use these strategies to drive consumers to your product or service locally.

1 Social Media sites

The best tool for the local business is social media sites. Many overlook the potential that they offer to increase their company’s SEO. The mistake many make is stopping with the big ones like Facebook. Ask any teenager and you will find out that Facebook is all but obsolete. To make the biggest splash on social media sites, you have to know which ones are hot, and which ones will best target your niche market. Staying on top of trends is an important component to effectively marketing yourself locally.

2 Content does matter

To create the best marketing campaign, you have to tailor it to the specific audience you are trying to reach. The same is true when locally marketing your business on social media sites. Don’t use the same content when you go to different mediums. The content that you find useful on one site may not be as useful to another. Try always to consider who you are targeting and what it is that they find most attractive or desirable about what you have to offer.

3 Captivate your audience

When you are using social media sites, remember what the name implies, that they are socially based. To engage the reader using the best SEO practices for your company and to make your product sounds like something that is for them, you have to tell them a story. That includes using different tools such as images, and videos when appropriate. Not only will that help to engage the reader, but it will also help to rank your website higher in SEO.

4 Use the sites to the fullest

If you are going to use social sites, use them to their fullest. By understanding what the sites have to offer and what attracts the viewer, you can better engage potential consumers. Use the latest technology to stay cutting edge and to make yourself seem new and exciting.

5 Everybody is out for themselves

If you want to make your local business thrive, offer your customers something free, or of value. By using promotions and other engaging tactics like coupons, you are more likely to attract people to go from looking to following through to action. If you have a local Chicago Yelp account you can offer promotions there, or coupon in hand, will make it more likely that they will come to you before your competitors. Give the impression that you are all about giving something back, and people will be more apt to give you a try.

6 Value added

People are not only looking for freebies, but they are also looking for something to take away from their connection with you. Educational content, blogs and other information on your website will make your viewers feel like going to the site has done something for them personally. Giving them information will make them feel like visiting your website was not only worthwhile but worthy of returning again.

7 Linking with other businesses

What is more helpful than a good connection or link? Just about nothing. If you want to increase your traffic and your favorability, team up with other local businesses to increase your presence. By cross-linking both your content, your web pages, or even making local alliances, you can increase your overall exposure which will translate into increased business.

8 Build loyalty

Offer loyalty programs online. Loyalty is one of the best things you can gain as a business. Loyalty not only means repeat customers, but it also means word of mouth advertising. By giving the consumer something special for continuing to be associated with you, you are creating an alliance that has more potential then with more than just the individual.

9 Mobile friendliness

Ensure that you have mobile friendly sites attached to your website for the best local business marketing. When people are using their smartphones to find local businesses or products, they want it to be easy and uncomplicated. Desk sites are often more complex and more difficult to find immediate and useful information. Stay in tune with the most efficient mobile friendly technology to stay on top of the competition.

10 Be responsive

If you are going to allow customers to contact you via the internet, make sure that you always answer them. It is frustrating to customers when they send you something via the web, and their attempt to reach out doesn’t get a reply. Often that is a big turn off that will have them looking elsewhere. If you give the user a place to inquire, suggest or even to complain, you have to acknowledge the information immediately and address any concerns that they have for successful local marketing online.


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