Why is Hourglass so Prized as a Woman’s Body Shape?

Jul 9th 2015 at 11:56 PM

Why, of all female body shapes, is the hourglass considered to be so appealing to both men and women? And, is it natural? Can it be achieved without corsets or a latex waist trainer?

What is an hourglass figure? Similar to a traditional vase, or a literal hourglass, it features a bust line equal or close to hip measurement, with a defined waist; perfect proportions see the waist circumference at seventy percent that of the bust line and hip measurements.

Think Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, or Elizabeth Taylor. Think Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson, and Sophia Vergara. These women have curves – they are not thin at all, but have beautiful figures which catch the eye for all the right reasons. Men want them. Women want to be them.

Biologically, men are designed to react to an hourglass woman. A woman with these proportions it considered to be biologically healthy, fertile, and feminine. A woman with hourglass proportions has the perception of ideal hormone balance for reproducing – and at a biological level, that is what men are intrinsically attracted to.

Women with a larger waist measurement compared with bust line and hips are more inclined to suffer health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and other illnesses. Additionally, a thicker relative waist is considered to be a “masculine” trait.

It doesn’t matter whether a girl is a size six (or zero) or a womanly plus-size: what makes her body attractive to men is having that cinched waistline - a waist which is noticeably smaller than the hips.

Women have gone to extreme measures over the centuries to achieve this shape. We are not all blessed with the hourglass body shape; some of us are more apple shaped; others are “brick”-shaped, and still others have a very boyish, straight up and down physique. No matter how much we diet and exercise, no matter how much weight we lose, some of us will never have a natural hourglass body shape.

This is where shape wear, corsetry, and waist training comes in. Thanks to cleverly designed body suiting, belting, boned or steel corsets, and even a latex waist trainer, one can instantly trim inches off one’s waist – or at least create the illusion of having done so. If worn on a daily basis over time, a waist trimming corset may be able to permanently offer a trimmer waist than one is naturally blessed with biologically at birth.

The trend of creating an hourglass shape is back in a big way, and products like a latex waist trainer to help achieve it are ever more in demand. Hollywood actresses who do not naturally have these curves are embracing the trend, and those who do are accentuating their natural curves even further. How far will we go?

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