Which platform do gymnasts use for performing?

Apr 21st 2015 at 11:06 PM

A gymnast has a flexible and strong body. He is able to move jump, bounce, and roll and move his limbs swiftly in different directions. Gymnastics is an activity in which body is stretched and to its limit.

Have you ever seen a gymnast performing?

See a gymnast perform to know how a gymnast performs daring acts. You would see that the gymnast has no problem in landing, jumping and bouncing on floor. He jumps on the floor and bounces back to a safe position. How this happens? It happens because of resilience of the floor. The floor has spring and it is made of rubber and board.

A special spring floor is made for gymnasts. The floor has spring and foam and it is safe for landing, jumping and bouncing. The gymnast isn’t hurt even if he falls on the floor. The gymnast would perform only on a safe floor and not on a hard floor like marble and tile. If you want to get a body of a gymnast by practicing floor exercises then you should start practicing floor exercises.

Learn floor exercises

Choose lightweight and easy to do exercises that you can practice at home. And the most important thing is to buy a portable platform for home exercising. Since you can’t make a resilient platform that gymnasts get in stadiums, you should use a portable platform that could prevent you from injuries.

Portable gymnastics mats are easily available in market. These rugs are like regular carpets but they are thicker than their regular counterparts. An exercising pad is at least 3 inches thick. It comes in different sizes like four feet wide and eight feet long. Long rugs like five feet width and ten feet length are also available.

Price of an exercising pad

Price of a rug is determined on its dimension. Width, length and thickness of a rug form basis of determining its price. A four feet wide, eight feet long and three inches thick rug would cost less than $200. For a standard rug, you would need paying around $180 but a substandard product could be bought at a throwaway price.

Gymnastics mats come under different brand names and they are available in sports shops and the shops that sell sports equipment. Exercising without safe platform could be injurious to your health. When an experienced gymnast needs a safe platform for performing, how can you try exercising on hard floor?

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