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When and How to Wear a Yellow Sapphire

Jul 8th 2015 at 1:56 AM

Yellow sapphire is a mystical gemstone, which is associated with the powerful planet Jupiter or Guru, the teacher and wearing it with complete rituals can help you derive maximum benefits. As the name suggests, this planet is revered among the others in the astrological system, as it occupies a higher position, being the educator. Jupiter is considered as a beneficent planet, which bestows wealth, prosperity, wisdom, respect, marital bliss, good children and good health on the native. An individual who wants to appease this planet can do so by wearing the yellow sapphire gemstone, as it signifies Jupiter and helps the wearer to derive the positive energies of this planet. One thing which needs to be taken care of is that one should consult an expert astrologer before wearing it, to check out whether this gemstone is compatible with his horoscope or not. An incompatibility may lead to problems rather than benefits. Also, the gemstone must be worn after proper rituals to fully derive its benefits. Additionally, buyers of yellow sapphire should be careful to buy the best quality yellow sapphire only.

Wearing Ritual for Yellow Sapphire

1. The first thing to be kept in mind is the weight of the gemstone. In case the age of the native is below 23 years, he should wear a yellow sapphire of a weight up to 5 ratti. The minimum weight should be 3.25 carat. However, after this age, a yellow sapphire weighing 5-7 ratti will be effective.

2. The yellow sapphire should be studded in a gold ring and worn in the index finger, on a Thursday, which falls in the shukal paksh. The time of wearing it should be between 6 am-8 am. The gemstone should be in contact with your skin. It is also beneficial to buy a yellow sapphire on Thursday. The purchase should be made in Pushya, Vishakha, Purva Bhadrapad or Punarvasu nakshtra, in order to get auspicious results from the gemstone.

3. Before wearing the gemstone, sit in the East, North or North East facing direction, on an asana covered with a yellow colored cloth. The yellow sapphire ring should be dipped in a mixture of curd, honey, milk, sugar and pure ghee, in order to purify it. Then it should be washed with holy gangaajal. Before putting on the ring, you need to chant the mantra of Guru 108 times. The mantra is as follows:

“Om Gum Guruve Namah”

4. After you wear the ring, you must donate a yellow edible item such as yellow boondi. Donating money to a Brahmin will also be auspicious to maximize the benefits of wearing the gemstone.

5. Make sure that you wear a good quality yellow sapphire, which is free of any kinds of spots, cracks or depressions. It should be lustrous and appealing to the eye

6. The influence of yellow sapphire lasts for 4 years, 3 months and 18 days. You have to keep it clean and well maintained to get its benefits as deposits over the gemstone can hinder the effect. You can clean it regularly with a soft brush.

You have to be very cautious about the compatibility of a gemstone with your horoscope, before wearing it. The benefits of wearing it will be manifested only if it suits you, otherwise you may have to suffer a negative impact of wearing it. Also, buy yellow sapphire from a trusted place and get quality of the yellow sapphire verified from an expert before purchasing it.


Whenever you wear a gemstone for attaining its astrological benefits, it is essential to do so according to the rituals recommended for wearing it. Only then will you be able to maximize the benefits derived from the stone. Yellow sapphire is to be worn on Thursday, studded in a gold ring, in the middle finger of the right hand. Also, consult your astrologer for checking its compatibility with your horoscope.

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