What To Consider When Choosing A Solar Panel Charger

Jun 26th 2015 at 4:26 AM

Solar products have brought a lot of convenience into our lives especially during outdoor activities. Solar is important for lighting and charging any powered tools that you carry during a camping trip. There is a wide range of solar chargers in the market and as with all products, they are not all created the same, therefore they will not give you the same level of satisfaction. There are specific details that you should pay attention to when buying a solar charger to ensure you get the right one.

One important specification of a good solar panel charger is efficiency. That is, the solar cells that have been used in the charger should be able to charge and retain enough charge. Most efficient chargers use monocrystalline cells which are covered with thin solar polymer sheeting for maximum UV absorption.  The more the charger absorbs, the more electrical output it will give. If a charger is covered in any shiny substance, this is an indication that the charger does not charge efficiently as the shiny surface reflects rays and light as opposed to absorbing.

Another factor to look at is whether the solar charger uses internal batteries. Avoid buying chargers that have batteries because this means that the batteries have to first charge fully in order to provide enough output to charge your gadgets. In most cases, such chargers will take up to a full day to charge your gadgets. What’s worse, the rechargeable batteries will have a very short life span as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun.

You should also check how a charger behaves under a shade. Solar chargers stop charging whenever an obstacle or shade blocks them from the sun but advanced solar chargers are fitted with an auto restart feature to allow the charger to resume charging after the sun comes back into view. Try to find a solar charger that will automatically resume the charging process without you actually having to do anything.  This way, you can leave your charger unattended and still know that you will get full charge by day’s end.

Convenience is another important specification that you should look for. This cannot be stressed enough. If you cannot use your device while it’s charging, you would experience lot of downtime. High quality solar chargers are made to behave like a normal wall charger at home in order to give you more convenience. Lastly, go for a Solar Panel Charger that rates highly on durability, otherwise you will be wasting money because in a few days or months, your charger will not be working. If you will be using your solar charger outdoors, make sure it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, dust and high temperatures. When you are armed with facts about these few specifications, you will spend money on a product that will not disappoint you.

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