What makes powder coating tougher than wet paint?

Feb 20th 2015 at 9:01 PM

Paint provides a protective layer to the surface it is applied on. It protects the surface from weather, dust, grime and scratches. It is for this reason that metal products including furniture and decorative items come beautifully painted.

A metal needs to be painted again and again as the wet paint loses its strength after coming into contact with moisture and other foreign elements. Wet paint is sprayed all over the metal. It is so sprayed that it forms a uniform layer. The painter has to take care that the paint spreads all over the metal surface.

Why a metal surface needs paint?

Paint improves its scratch resistance power. And also it prevents it from rusting. A metal can start rusting on coming into contact with moisture. But paint can prevent it from rusting by forming a protective layer on it. But wet paint is an expensive affair and also it isn’t as strong as considered.

One can easily scratch layer of wet paint from his nails. Also it is difficult to spread wet paint on a metal surface as a lot of paint goes waste. Wet paint is mixed with many ingredients to make it suitable for spraying on a metal surface. It needs lot of time, labor and space to paint a piece of metal with wet paint.

Tough powder coatings provide cost effective solution to wet painting. A layer of powder made of finely ground particles of pigment and resin is used for making a protective layer on metal surfaces. The powder is electrostatically charged before spraying on a metal surface. It is sprayed using a special device that throws the powder on the metal.

Powder is tougher than wet paint

What makes powder tough is its ability to melt and coalesce to make a film on the metal. After spraying the metal with powder, it is kept in high temperature needed to melt the pigments and resin. The powder melts and makes film that is uniform. A power coated metal is more powerful that one coated with wet paint.

Tough powder coatings can be done on any metal and on any size of metal. Whether it is outdoor furniture, automotive part, cycle frame or a large industrial machine made of metal, it can be coated with powder. There are machines that can powder coat even a large piece of metal in a hassle free manner and in short time.

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