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What It Means When Contractors Say Soil Nails Are Needed

Sep 7th 2015 at 11:52 PM

Whether a construction project is a large commercial undertaking or a small private home, specialized site work might be required for safety and stability of the ground. Those not familiar with land preparation before construction work begins, however, may find themselves a bit baffled if their contractor tells them they need to call in a drilling company to assist with site preparation. Soil nails or piers, for example, might be called for when uneven ground poses a challenge for safe and stable property development.

Soil nails are often called for when natural soil slopes pose a stability issue. On uneven land, near cliffs and when water-related soil erosion happen to be concerns early in the construction process, contractors may determine this type of construction technique is required to remediate the site before actual building work begins. Soil nails are essentially used to create retaining structures that help hold the soil in place so further construction can proceed without concerns about stability of the land in the future.

The soil nailing process involves drilling into the ground and placing solid bars into the holes. These bars are then grouted into place and reinforced with mesh to create an underground structure that controls erosion. Soil nails are commonly used in conjunction with piers or retaining walls. The process may also be used after construction if soil erosion becomes a concern down the road. Homeowners in areas with high water tables, for example, might find themselves needing to take remedial actions to protect their property from erosion as time passes.

While there are other methods that can be used to prevent erosion and lend stability to a site, soil nails are often preferred because of the cost-effectiveness associated with the process. This technique has been used for centuries and tends to cost less than other options. It is important, however, for experts at pier and soil nail creation to evaluate a property to determine what remediation efforts are best suited for an individual property.

Drilling companies that specialize in land stabilization techniques are often the best experts to turn to for this type of construction. This is simply because these companies have the knowledge and expertise necessary to evaluate sites and determine the best path to take. They also have the underground experience required to handle the work effectively. If a property under development is challenged by uneven ground or soil erosion, soil nails just might offer the most effective means for stabilizing the land.

About the Company

DMI Drilling Construction has specialized in soil nails and other retention techniques since 1991. Serving Washington State, the company is dedicated to providing clients with the best, most cost-effective solutions for their unique development challenges.

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