Violins For Sale – Aspects You Need To Understand Before Buying

Sep 30th 2014 at 10:48 PM

Everything about the journey of becoming a violinist is special. Right from that first rented instrument that you began to practice on to the first violin that you bought for yourself to the point you became a professional, its the little things that make the entire task memorable. In the same way, your violin too goes through a journey of sorts till the point it reaches your hands to be played. And its the little things that give your violin the personality it exhibits and the sound it creates when your hands begin to play it. These little things are the important stages that the violin is put through while it is being made. Here are some pointers to understand what instrument making is all about so that you can better appreciate that violin for sale you are holding in your hand right now.

  • Whether you are buying the instrument as a student or are looking for a professional violin for sale, how it was set up and assembled will have more of an impact on its playability and sound rather than the cost and quality of the instrument.


  • A violin "set up" refers to the final, fine adjustments made to the violin bridge, tailpiece, soundpost, pegs, fingerboard, strings and more.


  • A master violinmaker can turn a $450 piece into one that can even cost you as much as $900 – all with the subtle set up changes that he will make to improve the instrument’s quality, usability and sound. No matter how good and advanced the machines manufacturing violins become, they can never match the insights and expertise of a violinmaker or luthier.
  • Websites that offer violins for sale often get these parts imported from manufacturers situated in other countries like say China. The instruments are delivered to them with the most generic set ups. They are then carefully evaluated and reassembled with the expert hands of a lutheir to create master violins for sale that are worthy of being used by you.
  • An expertly set up violin is much more than good quality components that are set up in the best possible manner. These violins are much easier to play, create much better sounds and help students/professionals in getting a much more satisfactory experience while playing the instrument.


  • · Having said all that, one must also remember that if they are still at a student stage of playing, chances are their teacher will recommend a student violin for them. You really don’t need to empty up your pockets and purchase a piece that us crafted by the best violinmaker in the world at this stage. Buy one that is reasonably good in quality and set up by a maker who understands the specific needs of students. You will get a violin that will be fitting to your requirements and your budget constraints.

Violins for sale available at generic music shops are not always the best choice. Unless an expert maker has looked into the piece, you should never actually buy it. Visit for more information.

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Tony McWilliams is a stringed musical instrument expert who likes to share his immense knowledge about the topic through the many articles and blogs he writes. His recommendation for buying cellos and violins for sale would be from – the world renowned bass bar inventor company whose stringed instruments are considered to be top class by the music fraternity.


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