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Value Added Window Replacement

Nov 24th 2015 at 10:07 PM

Taking the time to shop for the best window replacement in St. Petersburg, Florida is well worth the effort as doing this will add value to the home as well as keep the home safe from high impact winds and intruders. Researching the windows available on the market will bring up many features. The best features to look for are the types that will protect from high velocity projectiles that are part of flying debris in tornadoes that spin off from hurricane landfalls.

This is the reason many home owners in St. Petersburg area are upgrading their windows. At any given time during hurricane season, a Category 4 or 5 hurricane could strike somewhere close in to the area. Should that happen, it is almost certain that windows of homes, if of inferior quality, will be shattered. After this, vandals and thieves could also break in easily after the devastation and plunder the possessions they wish to take.

Window replacement

Keeping the family safe from break ins and home invasions will be more effective with hurricane grade replacement windows. One such brand is the PGT WinGuard Impact Resistant Window. These windows will resist breaking upon the impact of a 2x4 board repeatedly launched into it at 34 miles per hour. If the impact does crack the outer layer, the inner layer will not break, thus keeping debris and water out of the home in the storm conditions. This model of high impact hurricane grade replacement windows come with either an aluminum frame or a vinyl frame. Damaging winds and rain will stay outside during the worst type of storm with no need to board up the windows. This will minimize the damage to property when returning home from any evacuation scenario. Also, the thieves will not be capable of breaking in as long as the doors are secure.

Throughout the history of windows, the installation of PGT Impact Resistant Windows have had no reports of failure. These windows will enhance the beauty and value of the home with the most important feature being soundness and safety. Yet, as far as keeping the contents and the people inside protected, they are also safe from UV radiation as these windows will filter out 99 percent of these harmful rays. Another protective feature is the energy savings that will result from their use. The sunlight will be shielded in the summer months and this will lower the air conditioning bills.

Other options of window replacement in St. Petersburg Florida are the Custom Window Systems and WindPact Plus brands which are also resistant to a high level of shattering forces from flying objects propelled by wind or vandals. During a storm event, the wind and rain will stay outside where the calamity is best kept. Replacing windows is a big investment, however, there are many benefits that do outweigh the costs involved.

If you are in need to find new windows in St. Petersburg FL, the author of this article recommends StormFitters.

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