Top 6 most popular movie costumes

Nov 16th 2015 at 1:17 AM

Movie costumes are basically the costumes worn especially by the main characters of the movie. The costumes not only reflect the character, but also add a little spice and weight as well. Movie costumes are a great attraction to the viewers and always boost up the level of the movie. In the history of the greatest movies ever made, following are some of the most popular movie costumes of all times:

  1. The Batman costume

Batman is the greatest fictional superhero movie of all times. The batman costume gained a lot of popularities back in the 90’s when it first released and is still very popular today. The costume is a total black wear with a black cape and a black mask with pointy ears resembling a bat; ultimately called batman.

  1. The Superman Costume

Superman lies on the same board as batman for the greatest fictional movie. The costume has pulled lots of attention, then and now as well. It is a blue and red colored costume with the superman sign on the chest along with a red cape.

  1. Zorro Costume

Zorro is a fictional superhero character who is a californio nobleman who saves people from bad people. His character inspired a lot of people and the only replication people could attempt was his costume which is basically an all black costume with a black cape and a Mexican black hat. The main finish off of his signature look is the eye band which dragged the most attention of people.

  1. Spiderman Costume

Spiderman is also one of the greatest fictional superhero characters of comics and movies. Spiderman’s signature look consists of a red and blue webbed tight costume hiding his entire identity. The Spiderman costume gained a lot of attention in its initial release which is in the early 2000, but because of its sophisticated look, it could not hit the market as other superhero movie costumes did.

  1. Catwoman costume

Cat woman is the most popular female fictional superhero character. Catwoman was first introduced in batman movie. The costume is a total black tight wear with a similar mask as the batman, without the cape. Catwoman’s costume is a minimal chic yet sexy look which is duplicated by lots of woman during Halloweens and other specific occasions.

  1. Captain America costume

Captain America is also one of the famous superheroes. Because of lesser popularity of the movie in the market, the costume itself could not catch too many hearts. But despite of the lesser popularity, the costume did hit the market with storm in the late 90’s when retro fashion was on peak. Still today, many try to replicate the 90’s fashion and thereby Captain America’s costume, but it’s not as famous as other superhero costumes.

All in all, such costumes ideas never cease to hit the market by storm and thus push the popularity of the movie to the highest extent. A movie costume replicates the image of the character and speaks a lot about them. Movie Costumes are always a hot topic and are never pushed out in the entertainment world.

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