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Top 5 Tips to a pH Balanced Skin Care

Jul 11th 2015 at 2:05 PM

Ever wonder what pH balanced skin care means? For years, the term “ph Balance” has continually invaded the skincare market but not everyone seems to understand its full meaning and relevance to a person’s skin. According to dermatologists, human skin requires a certain balance between acidity and alkaline for optimum wellbeing. Various skin care regimen strongly suggests keeping this at 5.5 to ensure that the acid mantle is protected from germs, toxins and impurities that often corrupt the skin of its vigor. To get the skinny on natural skin care that maintains your skins pH balance, read the following carefully.


For healthy and radiant looking skin, most, if not all, skin care regimen strongly recommends regular exfoliation. Remove the topmost layer of dead epidermis cells by doing dry brush exfoliation prior to showering and then, proceed using a mild exfoliating cleanser when wet. Brush dry your skin from the soles of the feet and working your way up. Make use of a loofah or exfoliating gloves. Then, proceed applying exfoliating cleansers when wet by doing gentle circular motion to your skin. To maintain acid  balance, make use of gentle cleansers that contain ground almonds, oatmeal, rice or salt. This helps improve circulation essential in maintaining ph balance of your skin.

Eat Healthy

Natural skin care regimen requires equal attention to your digestive intricacies. Good skin is often a reflection of a healthy digestive system. In both conventional and alternative medicine, the role of one’s digestion is deemed essential in maintaining nutrition of the skin. Eat up on fiber and drink up plenty of fluids. Chomp of more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes. Sprinkling ground flaxseeds to your meal can also boost your fiber intake. Drinking 8 glasses or more water each day will also help replenish skin’s moisture and balances acidity level of your skin.

Sweat It Out

Get moving. Sweating is one way to get rid of toxins underneath your skin. Your skin’s ph balance is directly affected when these toxins or impurities accumulate. When you exercise, your skin’s pores release these toxins via sweating.

Be Soap-Free

Look for natural skincare products that do not contain any soap. Going soap-free will help maintain recommended ph Balance for your skin. Some soap contains ingredients that can erode the protective barrier of your skin. Make use of a mild body wash instead.

Lessen Sugar Intake

Sugar is often associated in the formation of various bodily diseases. Gradually lessen your sugar intake. Eat less carbohydrates and other sugary foods and drinks. Drinking two glasses of water on an empty stomach will help curve your appetite for something sweet. Replace your usual coffee with fruit juices or water. This will not only improve your skin’s pH Balance but your overall health as well.

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