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Tips on iPhone Charger and How to Take Care of the Battery Life of Your Phone

Oct 7th 2015 at 10:23 PM

People have become very much dependant on their android phones and iPhones. It is always seen that they are busy fidgeting their cell phones everywhere. Even when they are crossing the road, sitting with girlfriend on a date, they are just not looking the world around them as everything they have to know about is in their iPhones. Some of them literally mollycoddle their iPhones without knowing the ways to do the same. The most important part of the iPhone that actually needs to be taken care of is the battery, which most of us hardly realize.

What do you mean by battery health?

Battery life means the condition of the batter of your phone at a particular time. it is also termed as SOH or State of Health. It is the condition of your battery in comparison to the ideal state of your battery usually shown in percentage. If the ideal condition of your battery is 100%, it will show how much percentage is left before your phone dies temporarily till you plug on the iPhone charger. This is important most for the iPhone since it is kept on almost throughout the day. There are many factors that affect the health or life of the battery. The important one is the weather. However, you can also take care of the batter of your smartest iPhone by taking care of the way you charge the phone.

Tips to charge the battery of your iPhone

• When you are charging your phone for the first time, you should be very careful since the first charge is very important. Charge the phone for three to four hours and do try to use the wall charger and not the USB ones plugged to your laptop or other device.

• Let the charge fully drain out before you put it for the next round of charge. After the first full charge, the battery needs to be almost fully exhausted before you plug it to the charger for the second time. The second round of charge should be for 2-3 hours at least.

• It is recommended to keep the phone switched off while the iPhone charger is connected to it for charging. Again you need to charge it fully without using it and enjoy the proper life span of the battery.

• Charging your phone every day in no doubt that important as it is in case of the first time charge, but no doubt, charging daily reflects your concern for your iPhone.

Tips to save the battery life of your iPhone

* Turn off the icloud
* Don’t keep your on the vibration mode
* Turn off the Siri short cut option if you are not using it
* Switch off location tracking when not needed
* Change the display setting and reduce the back light
* Reduce playing games

Battery is essential to take care of the health of the battery if you are concerned about the life of your precious iPhone. Buy these gadgets including mini projector at reasonable price from the online store.

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