Things to remember when buying gifts for a baby shower

Jul 13th 2015 at 4:41 AM

When someone close to you, such as a friend or a family member is expecting a baby, you have to consider holding a baby shower for them. Baby showers are all about giving gifts to the new mom-to-be. Upbringing of babies can be quite expensive especially in the first few months and giving gifts during a baby shower is your way of easing this burden. As such, when buying gifts, you have to remember that you are not just giving gifts for the sake of it. You have to be thoughtful. To avoid being overwhelmed as you do your gift shopping, you can use the following tips.

First, ask the mom or whoever is in charge of planning the baby shower if there is a gift registry. Before you think some moms are just demanding, let me explain why a gift registry is extremely important. Most people think in the same way and will therefore buy the same item. For instance you could find that four people will each buy a baby stroller or a baby name generator, which is a waste because you only ever need one of these items. A gift registry prevents these kinds of spending mistakes. It also helps gift buyers know what the mom really needs and what she has already bought.

Secondly, before buying a gift, find out the gender of the baby. Certain colours and patterns are more suited to certain genders. For instance, pink colours and cute patterns of pixies are usually common in clothes meant for girls. Even toys are quite gender sensitive. Dolls are for girls while fire trucks are for boys. If the gender of the baby is unknown, get items that have neutral colours and if they have patterns, they should also be gender-neutral. Thirdly, you can buy clothes based on the season when the baby will be born. A baby born in winter will need to stay warm, therefore, buy warm and snugly clothes or snugly bed items. If the baby will be born in the summer, buy clothing and accessories suited for the summer. If you decide to buy items that will be useful when the baby is a few months old, consider how old the baby will be during that time and buy an item suitable for that age.

Fourth, buy gifts based on their practical application. Thinking practical is important whether you are buying gifts for a new born or gifts for a girls’ or boys’ birthday, or any other gift. While toys and stuffed animals are cute, they are probably not as practical as a pyjama set. Lastly, think of the future. Clothes and accessories that fit a one-month old baby will probably be too small in about three months. As babies grow really fast, buy clothes and items that are suited to their later months of growth. With these few tips, you should be able to choose a gift that the new mom will appreciate.

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