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Steps To Follow While Looking For Skanda Purana Online  

Dec 3rd 2015 at 9:52 PM

The Hindu religion is blessed with classic literatures which are defined as goldmines of social, political, cultural, historical, geographical, religious and philosophical information. Skanda Purana is one such genre of literature which enlightens us about the cultural and religious history of India. Further it is referred by those who want to understand the development of regional history and local cults in a better manner.

Skanda Purana is looked upon as a highly significant piece of literature which practically covers the entire topography of India (except Maharashtra and Punjab) and explains the importance of different cultural traditions. This is because this Purana is written by great souls who used to know their respective regions almost like the palms of own hands. Since different khandas or chapters were written by different authors at diverse times, so one shouldn’t come to any conclusion about the entire Skanda Purana just by reading one part.

In general, the Skanda Purana includes seven khadas or parts. These are Maheśvara, Brahma, Vaisava, Āvantya, Kāśī, Nāgara and Prabhāsa. It got translated in the English language too. There are some texts like Agastya Sahitā and Śakarī Sahitā where Skanda Purana comes in six sections i.e., the Sanatkumāra Sahitā, Sūta Sahitā, Śakarī Sahitā, Vaiavī Sahitā, Brāhmī Sahitā and the Saura Sahitā.

If you are looking for skanda purana online then you must recall some popular narratives that have been described so beautifully and precisely in it. Samudra manthan or the churning of the ocean which resulted in the emergence of Amrita is one narrative that we all have heard since childhood. Another interesting story is that of the demon called Tarakasura who got killed by Karthikeya. Further the purana narrates the sacrifice of Daksha, birth of Goddess Parvati and how she got married to Lord Shiva, birth of Kartikeya, and how the demons Shumbh, Nishimbh and Mahishasura got killed. Skanda Purana being the largest of all the 18 Puranas, so you can’t expect to complete it in a day or two. This is why many are looking for skanda purana online as that offers the flexibility to read the texts in their spare time. Further easy availability of the texts online means you can use it as reference for study or research purpose whenever you want. Options are there to read it in languages that you are comfortable with. Mostly it is found in Hindi, Sanskrit and English.

While looking for skanda purana online you must have noticed that most sites have arranged the texts in a very methodical manner. Each chapter name has been clearly defined so that you know what is there inside while clicking on it. You can complete one chapter at a time and then move on to the next one. Such methodical reading surely helps in understanding and memorizing the Purana in a better manner. There are many sites which let you read the literature online free of cost. However if you want to download it then they charge a nominal amount. Take some time out and dig deeper into the Skanda purana online. You will be glued to it till the end!       

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