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Social and Ethical Philosophy of Confucius

Oct 28th 2015 at 12:36 AM

Confucianism is looked upon as a system of social and ethical philosophy. It is not religion and you will learn about that in the Confucius cartoon book. The philosophy is based on the ancient religious foundation and aims to set up social values based on traditional Chinese society. Many sociologists look upon Confucianism as a civil religion that offer a sense of religious identity and common moral understanding. It works as a foundation of central institutions in any society. Many consider it to be a diffused religion. Browse Confucius cartoon biography to learn more.

Confucianism- an everyday life religion

The ancient philosophy can be applied even today in the modern lives. When you read Confucius cartoon stories, you will find as to why it was called a “diffused religion as it was not separate entity but belonged to the family, school, and the society. The priests were no liturgical specialists, but the teachers and parents. Look for the best Confucius book sets to know more about Confucianism, which was a part of the Chinese social way of life and is an every day religion in life. Look for the best Confucius cartoon series to enhance you knowledge in this arena.

The founder of Confucianism
Master Kong, or Confucius, the founder of Confucianism never intended to create a
New religion. His objective was to revive the unidentified religion of the Zhou dynasty that was believed to be bankrupt. The ancient system of religious rule provoked the burning issue of the day, and it was as to why the gods were not able to avoid the social upheavals. Who handled the basis of a stable and unified social order.Confucius interpreted those sacrifices as the blessings of the gods. Generations of human wisdom are needed to embody the civilized and cultured behavior. Confucius used the term “ritual” to actions beyond the sacrifices and religious ceremonies. Those traditional rituals founded the basis of human civilization according to Confucius. He thought that only a civilized society could lead to a unified social order. Read Confucius cartoon sets to know more about the famous philosopher.

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Kevin Thomas has been working with writing for many years now and provides coaching and ghost editing services. Here he writes on Confucius cartoon series.

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