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Simple guide to boost your transfer budget in FIFA 15

Mar 9th 2015 at 10:42 PM

Discovered this by accident recently and since I have never seen it mentioned anywhere, I thought I would post for anyone that may be interested. I only have a PS4 so I can only confirm that this works on the PS4.


As we all know when a player is loaned out the players wages are then made available to use in your wage budget.


Should you use the budget slider to move the extra wages to transfer funds it equates to approx. 1 million for every 20k FIFA 15 Coins in wages.


What I discovered is that after you loan the player out (short loan is best), if you then move the budget slider to 0 wages then recall the player, the player returns to your squad and the only effect it has on your transfer budget is the cost to recall the player but has no effect on your wages.


i.e. player is on 40k wages and sent out on a short loan, set the wages to zero which adds around 2 million to your budget then recall the player at a cost of 120k. Your budget drops by 120k and that's it, you just increased your transfer budget by nearly 2 million.


Tips for loading/selling players:

To loan/sell fifa players regularly I disable offers for all players except for those who I want to loan/sell.


Save game then advance 2-4 days, if no offer received then reload and try again, if you are prepared to reload a lot I have found I can receive an offer every 2 days.



Should you try this be aware that when you recall the player their potential can go up or down.


I suggest doing it with young players who have one of the 3 high potential tags (exiting prospect, etc) so you can see instantly if they lose the tag and you can reload and recall them again, alternatively if you use older players try to keep them loaned out until as near to the end of the month as possible then when you recall them make a temporary save then advance to the next month and then check for attribute growth.


Using this trick/cheat/method can make the game too easy so use at your own risk .Enjoy your  game!

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