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1 year ago

Shopping On BigCrumbs For The Holidays

Nov 5th 2013 at 5:07 AM

It's the Holiday Season and BigCrumbs is waiting for you! Go Shopping from the comfort of your home, or while you're on the Go, with your FREE BigCrumbs Account.

Get it here - and While I'm talking to you about it, It's become a favorite destination for me every single month, regardless of holiday seasons. There are those essentials that all of us find our selves buying from stores each month.

Why not buy those things while you relax; why waste the gas or put up with the hustle and bustle of shopping in-line; This is the kind of thinkingn that I've had for quite some time though. I was first exposed to the concept several years ago.

Over time, this idea has become more and more perfected; where you and I shop has a lot to do with making sure we will recieve the things we've purchased. Afterall that's the biggest concern; that and Id Theft, which CAN happen to anyone, regardless of whether you're shopping online - or not. is one of several places that bring you Several secure and reliable online stores, that will protect your information - and deliver what you buy.

Other FREE one stop shopping websites that we recommend, include the new WakeUpNow Marketplace - which all preferred customers can access, and browse for free; getting huge discounts on the things they're looking for online. Also, there is Ebates, another online cash back website, which brings several trustworthy stores into one location, and offers you awesome promotional deals for spreading the word, and using their site.

Solavei recently just released their Marketplace, which essentially lets you use the Solavei PayCard to make purchases at stores anywhere - and you'll get cash back on the purchases you're making, at stores anywhere ... which is pretty sweet; but is only available for members of Solavei. This is all part of a "System" we've created for marketers who are interested in capitalizing on the Growing Online Shopping Industry.

We've decided to put our focus where it belongs; on growing and creating an organization that will help one another succeed. That being said, we do not feel that any marketer will get wealthy from using and Referring others to BigCrumbs, or the other websites we've discussed here. However, all of these websites 'bundled together' and offered as part of your membership, to a movement that involves Real economic empowerment; and what you have is quite possibly one of the most powerful opportunities on this earth, right now.

We call it the One MLM System to rule them all. (Preview the FREE MLM Training)

During the Holidays, several people ARE shopping online; and IF You do take advantage of BigCrumbs you CAN make some serious money ... from growing a large enough referral network; which several marketers STRUGGLE to do.

With our system not only will you enjoy the awesome benefits of Shopping Online, but you'll be successful at Sharing these Free Cash Back Websites with Others!

More IMportantly .. you'll have a system to share with those referrals, that will help THEM do the same; which is find and refer others, who find and refer others. BigCrumbs only pays out on 2 levels of referrals; So as a member of our TEAM; we position you in several places, and set you up to earn money on several levels of activity that will occur in the Network that you set in place; that is the real beauty of the network marketing model.

Online Shopping is here to stay - and it will continue to grow year after year. NOW is the best time to Position yourself, and others you work with - to Benefit from this industry. Through programs like BigCrumbs, Ebates, and WakeUpNow - also Solavei; you and I can benefit - we can get a piece of the pie - it's a wonderful time, yes it is.

Thank you for reading.


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