Safely Increase Your Penis Size with Enlargement Pills

Oct 26th 2015 at 5:19 AM

From penis pills to creams to stretching exercises, there are many ways to enhance the size of your penis. There are conflicting findings about the effectiveness of enlargement pills and the amount of contradictory information can make the purchasing process confusing.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

In most cases, yes. It all depends on how your penis responds. Most enlargement pills are formulated to send more blood to your penis and therefore make your erections look fuller and bigger. There is sound science behind these pills; even if they don’t permanently make you bigger, they can help enhance your performance in bed and give you a boost of confidence. Should you buy penis enlargement pills? For most men, there’s no harm in trying.

Are You Really ‘Small’?

Most men think they are smaller than average (no thanks to porn movies). But in reality, you’re probably not that small. Erect penises on average stand 5 to 6 inches long, and the average circumference is 4 to 5 inches. When it comes to flaccid penises, there's more variation.

That said, some men are legitimately smaller than average. There is a condition called ‘micropenis’ which is largely caused by hormone problems and genetics. A micropenis is about 3 inches long when erect. Other causes of a smaller penis include prostate cancer surgery and Peyronie's disease, both of which may reduce size.

Buying Enlargement Pills

Like most men, you probably want to be more than just average—and the good news is, you can. If you are not happy with the size of your penis, why not try enlargement pills? You can buy them online discreetly and they will arrive at your home in generic packaging. No one has to know.

Safety Concerns

The best penis enlargement pills available in the market are formulated to be safe for users who don’t have medical conditions that can cause them to experience side effects. To be safe, though, you still need to take some precautions before taking these pills. Remember: Your health is more important than impressing your partner.

Beware of enlargement pills that claim to do wonders. The truth is, no magic wand can add inches to your penis overnight. Stay away from penis enlargement pills that go overboard and promise impossible transformations. To ensure quality, buy your penis enlargement pills only from online stores that carry only products from the most trusted manufacturers.

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Lucian Alvin is a product reviewer for Be Better Lover, a UK based online adult sex products shop for your Better Sexual Performance and Happiness. He is also an expert on the topic of adult sex toys and products and writes many advice columns and articles.

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