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Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Car

Dec 29th 2015 at 4:52 AM

Who doesn’t long for the comfort of a personal car? No one likes to stand in never ending queues, take the tiring public transports to their office or college. There are more benefits of having car than just commuting to work or college. With a personal car in your garage, you do not have to think twice before heading for a road trip with your friends and for youngsters, nothing can be cooler. 

If you are new to your field of work or still a student, the last thing you want to do is stress your parents with another heavy expense of buying a new car. As it is the expense of living in a city like Chennai is nothing low, a new car can add piles to it. So, take a deep breath and see all your dreams and plans coming true by buying a Used Car in Chennai

A used car can do everything the same way a new car would’ve done and that too at a cost which is almost 60% less. What else would you need! Well, you need to analyse the pros and cons of buying used cars in Chennai. 


Who would want to invest oodles when you can get the same in much less? Well, this is what buying a second-hand car is all about; the cost factor.

Also, there are many other perks of investing in a used car listed below:

  • You can buy a bigger/luxury car in a much less price as luxury cars incur maximum depreciation
  • You can upgrade to another car quickly since a used car is not that big an investment
  • It can serve you well if you are in a city/town for a short period of time
  • If you are a new and inexperienced driver, nothing can be better than having practice sessions on a second-hand car and gaining expertise to drive your new car.


While buying Used Cars in Chennai might seem all rosy, the process comes with a lot of hassles. Even though the car is old, the investment is usually in lakhs and causes major holes in the pocket. Many a times, the car’s working, functioning and durability doesn’t turn out to be what it was earlier promised. Check out the list of disadvantages a used car could bring along with it.

  • Some fraudulent owners try and forge the ownership details of the car by forging fake documents which the seller believes to be true
  • Dealers and owners of cars conspire together for financial gains and try and keep the buyers vision clouded. They do this by selling a defective model at a high price by painting the outer body and making it look highly presentable
  • Concealing of some technical faults at the time of deal can cost you a huge sum later in the form of repairs

If you are planning to buy a used car anytime soon, research well and carefully analyse the advantages and disadvantages on the basis of your requirements so that you do not fall prey to fraudulent activities.

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