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Jan 1st 2016 at 3:15 AM

Sanctum 2 Review – A First Person Shooter Game with Tower-Defense Style

Coffee Stain Studios revealed Sanctum 2, a violent shooter with the mechanics of a tower-defense. Sanctum 2 is the perfect combination of first-person shooting games in Tower Defense style.

On the one hand are placed towers that automatically shoot enemies and on the other, the player is no longer a simple commander looking parts and becomes part of the action from the trenches as if you were taking the role of undercover police.

At the beginning, you receive some resources that are scattered on the map and must be collected. The rest flows through a very interesting form, being a mixture of shooter and tower defense. The average time to solve each stage is about 15 minutes, so there is fun for a while. Even without knowing about Sanctum in its original version, the player can understand the sequel very quickly.

The game is very simple. In each of the maps, you are facing ten waves of enemies, although prior to each account with a short time to organize defenses consisting of turrets.

You must stand up ‘regardless’ the glowing orb. The enemies will try to destroy it. Unlike every tear comes begin gradually removing health. If the health of the circle is finished, the game ends and you have to restart that screen.

With strategically placed turrets and skills of first-person shooter player, you must eliminate all enemies.

The way to play is very interesting because this genre has accustomed the player to a global view of the map while in perspective Sanctum 2 it is located in the third person with its manipulation of gravity regarding the handling of weapons and that somehow the character manages to fire a weapon while reloading the one with the other.

This means that if you change weapon permanently, the damage caused will be continuous. In addition, there are four different kinds of weapons to choose from as assault rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers and frank shooter rifles.

The mechanics of each screen is different because you must select the appropriate turret. It is important to place the character strategically for its scope to be as efficient as possible. It is clear that once in place, you cannot move until the end of the stage.

The level design is a plus. While it is not an open map game, each level invites to looki for the best way to arm tactics.

With the points earned, you can buy new defenses or improve existing weapon turrets either causing further damage, having a radius of broader coverage, or both, but the possibilities are directly related to the proceeds.

The design of the enemies is well done. Each has its own personality and there is a remarkable variety. We see some weaklings coming in swarm, others flying, with greater strength, with improved firepower and of course, the dreaded heads that can destroy your defensive turrets.

A leveling system is presented with each level as new weapons, towers and gratification increases as an additional layer of complexity is added to the gameplay is unlocked. Sanctum 2 plays solo under the local mode while for playing online multiplayer up to 4 players can participate simultaneously.

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