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Novice's Guide to Cleaning Wine Glasses

Apr 13th 2015 at 12:02 AM

You wash drinking glasses on a daily basis, what then, could be so special about wine glasses? While they may seem like just another glass to wash, wine glasses need just a little more care when it comes to cleaning. The following are some efficient means to ensure that your wine holders are cleaned thoroughly and ready for use:

  • Soaping – Many people do not like using detergents and dish soaps to clean wine glasses. This is because their residue can easily impact the taste and smell of wine. When cleaning wine glasses you might find that these glasses are sticky and hard to rinse out, it might be better to forgo the use of soap and rinsing only with hot water or spraying the glass with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide before rinsing to address the sticky residue is always needed.
  • Rinsing – The rinsing method is one of the easiest ways to clean wine glasses. All you need to do is rinse, your wine glasses thoroughly with hot water, making sure that all residual wine is removed. After rinsing, you may simply allow the glasses to air dry while turned upside down on a kitchen towel. Air drying helps prevent water spots from forming in and outside the glass.
  • Washing – If you don't mind using soap, wash your wine glasses with a mild detergent and add a drop, ever so sparingly to each glass as you wash them. With a soft sponge, remove all wine stain and residue and rinse even more thoroughly than you would without the soap. There are several cleaning products that are made specifically for wine glasses. You can try a few to find which product best suits your preference.
  • Soda – Washing soda (you may use baking soda as an alternative) is also a gentle crystal cleaner. It absorbs wine residue quite effectively and is not abrasive enough to scratch wine glass surface. It is also important to remember that crystal glasses are a lot more porous than your typical glass and are more susceptible to absorbing odours from their surroundings. Storing them in a cupboard full of cleaning detergents, coffee, or any other smelly substances may affect their smell, and therefore your wines'.
  • Dishwasher – If your wine glasses are not made from crystal and have shorter stems, they are a good candidate for the dishwasher. The trick to cleaning wine glasses using the dish washer is adding a bit less detergent than a full load. Don't set your washer to a heat-dry cycle to avoid baking the detergent and immediately remove the wine glasses from the washer and use a lint-free dish towel to hand dry each piece.

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