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Make the Most of Your Morning Commute

Nov 13th 2015 at 10:30 PM

If you’re anything like me, you spend at least an hour in your car every weekday getting to and from work. It can get boring, believe me, I know. But, there are some things that you can do to make it better. I actually enjoy my morning commutes now. I see them as ‘me time’.

It used to be so boring, but I started doing things to make it better, and now, it’s actually fun. So, here’s what I did to improve my morning commute:

1. I brought a friend along: I don’t do it every day, because then it cuts into some of my ‘me time’, but at least once a week, I’ll bring a co-worker in with me, or I’ll travel in their car. We have the same journey, so it makes sense that we share. We also like the alone time, so we don’t do it too much. Anyway, having a friend along makes it so much more fun. We really bond during these times, and it makes our working relationship much stronger. It’s actually helped me to feel more secure in work, because I have someone who I feel has my back, because they’re my friend now (aww, ha ha – it is great though).

2. Buy Driving Shoes: I always used to drive in my work shoes and it used to make driving quite unpleasant. They have a hard sole, which makes them inflexible and makes it hard to feel how much pressure I’m putting on the pedals. Now, I have my ‘driving trainers’. They just make driving so much better for me. Not everyone has this problem, but I know quite a few people that do.

3. Get a Better Stereo: car stereos UK are awesome. They can do loads of stuff now, from satnav to DVD players, they’re great (but don’t watch DVDs when you're driving!). If you still have your factory installed car stereo, you need to change it. They’re rubbish. Car manufactures install the cheapest models, including cheap speakers. There’s a massive range of Car stereos UK and they don’t have to be expensive. For a couple of hundred quid, you can install a stereo and speakers that far outstrip your factory installed ones.

4. Sign Up to an Audio Book Service: the commute is a fantastic time to listen to books. You can sign up to audio book services and just listen to them as you’re driving. You don’t have to listen to fiction or biographies; you can listen to educational books too, so you can learn as you're driving. I listened to the Universe in a Nutshell, by Steven Hawkins once. It was hard going, and I’m not sure I understood, but it was great. Unfortunately, it was on cassette, and I'm not sure it’s in an audio file format yet.

5. Buy Seat Warmers/Massagers: if you're prone to dozing when driving, DO NOT buy one of these. Me, I find it hard to fall asleep in bed, let alone anywhere else, so I love my seat warmer. It’s amazing, especially at this time of year. It’s so cosy. The massagers can hurt a bit, but they’re a great way to destress at the end of the day. Again, do be careful when driving, because they can poke you and make you jump, so choose a special one specifically for driving.

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