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Kundan Jewellery: An Evergreen Indian Jewellery

May 27th 2015 at 3:17 AM

One of the most sought-after jewelleries in India and in most parts of the world is the kundan jewellery. The chosen colours to make a single piece of this accessory are obviously well-thought of. The designs are intricately detailed—made into pure perfection. Read on and let’s talk about this evergreen Indian jewellery.

The origin of kundan art

Kundan is said to be the oldest kind of jewellery in India. The art was originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat, where aristocrats and royalties reside. These people were also the ones who could only wear kundan accessories as these are made from refined and pure molten gold. The jewelleries are an important addition in royal dresses as they symbolizes wealth and power.

Kundan rise to fame during the Mughal period and overtime, this jewellery that signifies rank and supremacy were being copied using faux metal base—making kundan art and jewellery available to common man. Today, you can find the centre of kundan art in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Designs and features

You can never see a kundan jewellery that is too plain and simple. It is just not the norm of this art and that is also not the way to create an accessory for a royalty. What you would mostly find is the perfectly designed jewellery that looks so convoluted and sophisticated. It usually has perfectly cut glass stones, diamonds, golds, and other precious gems. The word perfectly has been repeated because that is all you can really describe kundan art. The gold framework is excavated in which stones or gems will be set. Carefully handcrafted, you can almost see how every jeweller spends most of his or her time on one piece of jewellery alone.

How kundan jewellery is made

Aside from planning the design and making the actual cuts of the glass or gems, it is time to create the framework which is called Ghaat. Once done, Paadh will follow wherein wax is poured on the skeletal framework for moulding purposes. This is the secret to speed up the production of every piece of kundan jewellery. Thereafter, Khudai should begin. This is when gems or stones will be placed into the golden base. After this, it is time to enamel the entire design which is called Meenakari. Next, gold foil will be soldered under each gem for support. And for the final touch, the jewellery will be polished to achieve that flawless look of kundan art.

About The Author:
Rizwana Kachwalla is the owner of Orne Jewels, a fast growing one stop shop for exclusive fashion and silver jewelry. Started in 2013, Orne Jewels has its retail headquarters in Pune and you can also shop online on their website. The fabulous designs and incredible variety showcase her passion for jewelry. However, it is her varied experience, drive to succeed and her growing expertise of the jewelry industry that stand her in good stead. When she’s not talking jewelry, Rizwana can be found at home fawning over her rescued kittens or her lush gardens which are always in bloom!

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