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Know Your Facts and Figures When It Comes to Bigfoot Shirts

Aug 9th 2015 at 2:08 PM

If you love the Pacific Northwest because of its beautiful places, friendly people, and vibrant culture, then you also love Bigfoot and all the fantastic stories about the legendary creature. Your love - or at least, your fondness – for the big guy can be expressed in several ways including your penchant for wearing Bigfoot shirts every day. You can wear the Bigfoot-themed shirts indoors and outdoors, on their own or under open jackets, and during casual dates, parties and get-togethers.

But what makes Bigfoot such a beloved creature even when its existence has yet to be proven with concrete evidence? Let’s take a look at the known facts and fiction behind Bigfoot.  

Big Footprints

The name “Bigfoot” comes from the numerous sightings including casts of enormous footprints with the largest footprint recorded at 24 inches in length and 8 inches in width. The enormous size of these alleged Bigfoot footprints are also featured in Yeti shirts since the Yeti is considered as the Himalayan Bigfoot.  

Bigfoot enthusiasts, however, differ about the exact physical appearance of the footprints, a fact that also applies to the physical appearance of the creature and its actual existence.  Most casts of the footprints show five toes, similar to all documented apes, while many casts also show toes in varying numbers from two to six. Some casts show claw marks, which make it likely that the alleged Bigfoot footprints come from bears.  

The bottom line: If you see a large footprint in the Pacific Northwest especially in the forests, you have to take a picture of it or make casts of it because it can be Bigfoot’s!  

Big Size

Also known as Sasquatch – the name is the Anglicized derivative of sásq'ets, a Halkomelem word–Bigfoot is generally described as a large creature with a height ranging from 2 to 3 meters with a weight to match, usually in excess of 500 pounds according to the people who have reported close encounters with it.  

Bigfoot’s body is allegedly covered in dark brown to dark reddish hair similar to a gorilla’s or an orangutan’s fur. Its face has an ape-like quality characterized by large eyes, large low-set forehead, and large brow ridge with a rounded and crested ridge. When asked to draw Bigfoot from memory, people usually end up with a creature that closely resembles a male gorilla albeit larger in size and fiercer in appearance.

Is Bigfoot real? This is a question with answers that have no gray areas – either you believe that Bigfoot actually exists or you don’t believe that it ever existed except in the imagination.  Even scientists are at odds about the matter.

Fortunately, there is no arguing that Washington T Shirts depicting Bigfoot exist. If there’s one fact in this world you can believe, you can believe in these Little Bay Root shirts.

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