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How to take care of your Japanese katana?

Nov 28th 2015 at 3:08 AM

The original katana is a long sword that had a slight curve and has a very thin edge on one side with one sharp point at the top. The Japanese modified the weapon to an extent to make it into a curved blade but the true Samurais were not only great swordsmen but also masters at forging it. If you are looking to buy Japanese samurai sword, you can look at online stores that deal in decoration items and you will be able to find yourself a katana. There is more to getting a samurai sword forged than what meets the eye. Samurai swordsmen used to perform a ritual cleansing to rid the sword of the samurai’s spirit.

The Katanas of the years gone by were highly superior to other swords of the samurai era. However, the swords seemed to rely on sharpness and were low on durability. Japanese sword smiths developed the ancient katana to become even more potent and prevent the chances of breaking. The modern day katana swords are not as sharp as the ones used by samurais but are more durable. Unlike old katana swords, modern variants of the sword are prepared by folding the steel of the swords to enhance the durability. If you are looking to buy Japanese samurai sword, you also need to take care of it to maintain the aesthetics and sharpness of the sword.

Always keep the sword sheathed: You need to ensure the katana is perfectly placed into the sheath and when buying a sword, make sure that the sword fits the sheath perfectly. If you find that the sheath of the katana becomes loose over time, you should change it as soon as possible because any kind of accidents should be avoiding. All sheaths come with a guard to prevent the removal of the katana carelessly.

Clean your katana: You need to clean your katana on a regular basis that you have bought through online shopping. Using a cotton cloth is one of the best options. You will find sword oil in the market very easily or you might even opt for online options. You also need to have a powder ball to help with the cleaning process. You should first clean the katana with oil before wiping it with rice paper. To ensure the Samurai sword stays clean, you can dust it with a powder ball very lightly to ensure dust does not stick on the sword’s surface.

Avoid heavy oils: Using any kind of heavy oils makes the sheath unusable over time as oil sticks on the insides. You should always use light sword oils that are easy to apply and clean. Make sure you clean your katana of any excessive oil before sheathing it.
These are some of the key tips you need to keep in mind if you are Looking to buy Japanese samurai sword or you have a plan on getting a katana.

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